Saturday, June 25, 2011

.com is born

I have now switched fully over to the NEW site.  This will be your one stop for all Jazzturtle info.. workshops, festivals, events, press and links to shopping- as well as my bloggy ramblings (which I promise will be MUCH more frequent).  I will keep my etsy shop stocked with textile couture, handspun art yarns, felted soaps and fibers, but will also be rolling out a new bigcartel shop as well with more yarn, fiber and other goodies.

LOTS is in store for JazzTurtle this fall.... lots of festivals, teaching and even a spot in an upcoming MUCH anticipated book (more on that later...)

From now on, please go to for all your updates and information!  This blog will be used only for archival purposes from now on.
Thanks so much!! See you on the .com!


Storybook Fibers Kristine Haddock said...

Congratulations Esther!

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