Friday, June 27, 2008

I still exsit.. I swear!!

OK.. so I am still alive.. amist painting the new house and packing the old house.. there's SOO much work to do!! I am managing to spin a bit every night as well.. so there have been a few etsy updates..

News.. I have learned to knit.. totally fun!! I hope to get back to it when I'm done with all the thank you notes from the shower last weekend..

What a beautiful shower B's mom thew us.. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing new family!!

Ok.. I'm procrastinating.. back to the boxes I go..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Ravelry Group and Virtual Spin In

YAY!! There's a new ravelry group that was created to show off your finished objects, request special items and get store updates and sneek peeks.. Come on over and join the fun!!

This weekend I participated in a "virtual spin in" on the novelty art yarn group over on ravelry. I got LOTS of yarn spun.. some to go up into the etsy shop this week!!!!
I spun up my april club batt from Loop.etsy.. this was my fave of the weekend.. and
definitly going into the personal stash..

I also spun up a few Loop.etsy babycakes, and added some beautiful chocolate bamboo and extra sparkle... also probally destined for the personal stash..

Then I spun my most labor intensive yarn yet.. the original fiber came from Lynn (yarn wench) She listened to some pink floyd and spun up 2 yarns.. Shine On and You Crazy Diamond.. In the theme of the original fiber, we watched the new DVD that Bryan brought home, of the Pink Floyd concert when the Berlin Wall fell (really COOL show) and I spun this really crazy yarn.. To the original pink floyd fiber from Lynn, I added locks from HollyEQQ, TONS of novelty yarns and NINE kinds of sparkles.. including purple tinsel and purple irridecent easter grass. This was the CRAZIEST spin.. but I love it!! This will go up on etsy this week..

Comfortably Numb (what my back was when I finished spinning this yarn!!) 98 yards

I also spun some wonderful shetland locks and matching firestar from HollyEQQ.. this is a beautiful partner yarn to "tropical storms" which is listed on etsy. This will also go up to the store sometime this week..
Tropical Flowers, 112 yards

I also spun up some mini batts.. which created some fun yarns..
The first 2 are "mini skiens" they are fantastic for small projects, trim, stripes.. or just to try your hand at playing with art yarns.. these will also be going up into the store this week..
both are 22 yards, plied with thread, coils, beehives and sparkley pom poms..

Lilly Pads

and finally.. I took a bunch of mini batts.. tore each one in half and then spun in a repeated order for a striping effect when used in a project.
Many Thanks, 100 yards

So there you have it.. the etsy store update for this week!! It was a FUN weekend.. I have to work on Sat at the spa.. but I'll on Sunday I'll participate in the Virtual Super Coil spin in at the Intertwined spin along ravelry board.. so there will be even MORE fun stuff coming!!

YAY!! See you on Ravelry..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

HUGE Moving/Packing SALE and the Art Show was AWESOME!!

Last Sunday the art show I participated in went WONDERFULLY!!! It was an amazing day.. warm with a cool breeze.. perfect for spinning!! Lots of people asked questions.. especially kids.. and everyone thought it was "So Cool"
I did sell some yarn.. which is awesome.. except one sale was one of my FAVE skiens that I actually wanted to use in my own project.. but I had to let it go..

I'll miss you "Under the Sea" But I know you went to a good home!!

The rest of the day was wonderful. I did find out that garment racks make FANTASTIC yarn displays.. people can see and touch the yarn, without having to unskien everything.. and I could hang together the yarns I spun for like projects..

All in all, an amazing day.. and I can't wait to do it again in October!!

In "STORE NEWS" I updated Thurs and Friday... with more yarns and scarves coming this weekend!!! Lots of Vegan fibers.. bamboo, tussah silk and hemp as well as some fun new art yarns!!!>

I'm having a HUGE Buying and Hose and Moving SALE, to run thru our closing date.. June 5th! Everything in the store has been marked down, and there are goodies for buying more than one item: buy 2 or more items and get 10% off your next purchase, buy 3 or more items and get free shipping, buy 4 or more items and get 15% off your next purchase!! I'd love to get the current inventory into your hands so I can spin and craft more in my NEW craft room!!!!

I'm participating in a virtual spin in this weekend on raverly.. so I plan on getting a TON of spinning done!! I started last night at midnight (because it was technially Saturday) and spun one bobbin that consists of 3 loop babycakes, some chocolate brown bamboo and 4 colors of extra angelina (purple iris, copper, gold and crystal amethyst) on top of what steph loaded into the baby batts.. and some sari silk (which was in one of the batts) I LOVE how it turned out.. and it's not even off the bobbin yet!!

So here's to a great weekend.. happy mother's day!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

WhirlWind in Chicago..

What a weekend!! We got LOTS of wedding stuff done.. Bryan picked out his wedding ring, we toured the hotel and tasted the food (mmm.. good food!!) We tasted and picked out the wedding cake (mmm.. GREAT cake!!) We had a meeting with the Judge who is officating the wedding.

We also took more than 500 "engagement" pictures with our amazing photographer. He is so incredibly talented.. getting the traditional "portraits" as well as the cool photojournalistic shots. We walked from Millennium park in the Loop, to the South Loop by Columbia College, back up to the North loop.. by the courthouses.. taking pictures all the way. We really managed to catch some real "chicago" shots.. with the "L" tracks casting shadows.. We also took some cool shots up on the NorthSide, when we had stopped at his studio on the way back to Mom's. We went into the alley outside his studio and took another bunch of totally "chicago" shots!! We found a dirty couch that was waiting to go to the dump and used that for a few.. and they turned out to be some of the best of the day. Totally worth sitting in the pigion shit!!

I really love all the pictures he took while we were in the Loop, at Millennium Park and in the Art Institute Gardens as well...

Of course Passover was wonderful.. and we got to see bunches of friends and family. We even got a Wii as a wedding present!! WOOT! I'll have to balance spinning time with bowling!!

There was a store update before I left, and I'll be adding more stuff this week. I'm the featured artist the first sunday in May in Pittsboro, so I'll keep everyone posted as I know more about that!!

Off to my wheel.. I went thru withdrawal this weekend!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We are HOMEOWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow.. I can't believe this happened SO fast!! We are SO very excited!! The sellers countered our offer with what we WANTED to pay.. so there!! HURRAH!! We close at the beginning of June.. and have plenty of time to paint and decorate and move...

Now I can start eating again...


Haven't heard from the sellers yet.. they work all day.. in different places so we may not get a counter offer until tonight..

I think I'm sick to my stomach...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We made an offer..

Now we wait for the counter offer.. this could actually be in contract by the end of the week... HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Rock Chalk JayHawk.. and buying a house!!!

Sorry I've been MIA these past 10 days.. it's been a bit crazy at work and here at home..

First of all.. HURRAH KANSAS!!!!!!! It was great watching them beat UNC (sorry TarHeels) and a great game last night with them beating Memphis. YAY for college basketball being over for another year.. hurrah for getting my CSI back :) HA!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... This is totally amazing and freaking me out.. but I think we found a house. Well.. not I think.. we DID find a house and are putting an offer in tonight! OH MY GOD!! This is the biggest thing I have ever done.. yeah.. freaked out for sure!! It's a cute house.. a *bit* smaller than we were looking for.. but it totally works.. beautiful corner lot, with amazing landscaping.. beautiful azalia bushes in the front.. room for me to plant a garden.. even a big back deck for grilling.. I can't believe this is really happening.. yeah.. did I mention I'm freaking out a bit...

I have been spinning to manage my stress levels. Thank you NC Triangle team for featuring my Spring Chicken feather yarn in another treasury. You guys ROCK!!

HollyEQQ.. who dyes fantastic loose locks, blogged about my Tropical Storms yarn. She dyed the shetland locks I used for it, and loved how the yarn turned out.
Thanks Holly.. I love the locks you send!

I have been spinning some "personal stash" yarn.. hey.. I need some for myself too LOL!! I plan to crochet some great shawls for the fall.. I will have some summer fibers up soon.. they will also be VEGAN!! I have some wonderful bamboo.. and some hemp top too. That should be super fun. I plan to have shawls as well as yarn so atch the blog for sneek peek at store updates.

Well I'm heading back to the wheel until B gets home and then we are going to sign the offer and send it to the realitor.. keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sneek Peek at the Weekend Update...

So I managed to get a decent amount of spinning done this week, inbetween the thank you notes I was writing. I'm pretty proud of myself.. I will have them all out by Monday :)

I plan on doing a store update tomorrow (sat evening) but it may get pushed back until Sunday.. here's a sneak peek of 3 of the 5 yarns going up this weekend..

I had a lot of fun being creative this week.. I guess I really went thru wheel withdrawal when I was in MN. The first I spun while I was watching this week's episode of America's Top Model.. ok.. yes.. I spin to crap TV.. but I don't really need to "watch" persay.. as I can just sorta listen and look up every once and a while and know what's going on.. anyway.. the girl I like was assigned to be a "Pop Princess" in her photo shoot this week.. she was wearing this shiny vinyl pink and black outfit with killer boots.. so it inspired the name of this yarn.. which is a mix of stuff in shades of pinks and greys and black.. Locks from Renae of TerraBellaSpun, batts from ArtClub, more locks from ArtClub. Angelina from Loop.. spun thick and thin and plied around a black rayon thread with beehives and coils and fun sparkley pink pom poms. There are 10 small pom poms and 4 larger ones.
Pop Princess..

I also spun up a fantastic Loop Spontaneous Spinning batt in shades of light blue and white with TONS of sparkle!! It's spun thick and thin and plied with a metallic silver thread with beehives and coils. It's called Carolina On My Mind

This last yarn is made from loose shetland lamb locks. Spinning with loose locks gives the yarn a lot of amazing texture. You are also really in control of where the colors are placed. I love this yarn!! It's a part of the EtsyFAST april challenge- Storms, as well as the ravelry fiber friday, Rainforest. It's called Tropical Storms
The blue sky right after it storms.. and fuscias like the bold flowers in the rainforest.. I added some angelina for sparkle.. like the raindrops still sparkling on the green foilage and the beautiful flowers. I love how it turned out. There's also an amazing halo around this yarn.. which I wasn't able to catch really well..

I have to work tomorrow during the day.. but I may felt up some beads tonight...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's so good to be liked!!!

I've been featured on a fantastic blog!! Check it out at How awesome is that!!!!


Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I love handspun yarn! Just looking at it makes me go ooooh! As a result, I have just ordered a drop spindle and roving from ebay, the roving arrived today, but no spindle yet! So alas, I must wait a few more days!

If you can't spin but love handspun yarn to, I suggest you check out Jazzturtles shop, for a lovely selection. I esp like this colour, which is plied with gold thread for a bit of sparkle.

Art yarn makes me go even more "ooohy" than regular handspun, and this great flower version would look wonderful as a scarf or bag!

As well as yarn, she also sells jewellery made from felt, and felt beads so you can make your own. The last time I tried to make felt was disastrous, so I am glad that you can buy them! She even has some patchwork clothes too, what a talented lady!


There's also a fantastic blog that features NC Triangle artists..

I have been featured in a number of Etsy Treasuries there as well.

Thanks everyone!! You all rock!!

I am still trying to post a store update later this week.. also getting more yarn to the gallery by the beginning of april!

Happy Spring!!