Friday, March 28, 2008

Sneek Peek at the Weekend Update...

So I managed to get a decent amount of spinning done this week, inbetween the thank you notes I was writing. I'm pretty proud of myself.. I will have them all out by Monday :)

I plan on doing a store update tomorrow (sat evening) but it may get pushed back until Sunday.. here's a sneak peek of 3 of the 5 yarns going up this weekend..

I had a lot of fun being creative this week.. I guess I really went thru wheel withdrawal when I was in MN. The first I spun while I was watching this week's episode of America's Top Model.. ok.. yes.. I spin to crap TV.. but I don't really need to "watch" persay.. as I can just sorta listen and look up every once and a while and know what's going on.. anyway.. the girl I like was assigned to be a "Pop Princess" in her photo shoot this week.. she was wearing this shiny vinyl pink and black outfit with killer boots.. so it inspired the name of this yarn.. which is a mix of stuff in shades of pinks and greys and black.. Locks from Renae of TerraBellaSpun, batts from ArtClub, more locks from ArtClub. Angelina from Loop.. spun thick and thin and plied around a black rayon thread with beehives and coils and fun sparkley pink pom poms. There are 10 small pom poms and 4 larger ones.
Pop Princess..

I also spun up a fantastic Loop Spontaneous Spinning batt in shades of light blue and white with TONS of sparkle!! It's spun thick and thin and plied with a metallic silver thread with beehives and coils. It's called Carolina On My Mind

This last yarn is made from loose shetland lamb locks. Spinning with loose locks gives the yarn a lot of amazing texture. You are also really in control of where the colors are placed. I love this yarn!! It's a part of the EtsyFAST april challenge- Storms, as well as the ravelry fiber friday, Rainforest. It's called Tropical Storms
The blue sky right after it storms.. and fuscias like the bold flowers in the rainforest.. I added some angelina for sparkle.. like the raindrops still sparkling on the green foilage and the beautiful flowers. I love how it turned out. There's also an amazing halo around this yarn.. which I wasn't able to catch really well..

I have to work tomorrow during the day.. but I may felt up some beads tonight...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's so good to be liked!!!

I've been featured on a fantastic blog!! Check it out at How awesome is that!!!!


Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I love handspun yarn! Just looking at it makes me go ooooh! As a result, I have just ordered a drop spindle and roving from ebay, the roving arrived today, but no spindle yet! So alas, I must wait a few more days!

If you can't spin but love handspun yarn to, I suggest you check out Jazzturtles shop, for a lovely selection. I esp like this colour, which is plied with gold thread for a bit of sparkle.

Art yarn makes me go even more "ooohy" than regular handspun, and this great flower version would look wonderful as a scarf or bag!

As well as yarn, she also sells jewellery made from felt, and felt beads so you can make your own. The last time I tried to make felt was disastrous, so I am glad that you can buy them! She even has some patchwork clothes too, what a talented lady!


There's also a fantastic blog that features NC Triangle artists..

I have been featured in a number of Etsy Treasuries there as well.

Thanks everyone!! You all rock!!

I am still trying to post a store update later this week.. also getting more yarn to the gallery by the beginning of april!

Happy Spring!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a fun (and snowy) weekend!! The Wedding festivites begin..

Wow.. we are really getting married. This past weekend we were in Minneapolis for a wedding shower that my step mom, her sister and my dad threw for us. Our first bit of wedding festivities...

First of all.. it started snowing the moment we arrived in Minneapolis.. and kept snowing and snowing and snowing until we left on Sunday afternoon.. I don't think Bryan had ever seen it snow for 72 hours straight.. it was really pretty.. but I for sure didn't bring the right shoes for that!! It's spring here in NC!

Other than the snow.. and the hard fall I had when I slipped on my butt.. it was an amazing weekend. My mom flew up from Chicago.. which was also amazing, since Chicago got hit with the same snowstorm MN did.. and Mom's plane was the only one that made it out on Friday!! My brother and his fantastic girlfriend came, along with some good family friends and family.
My mom, brother and me

Bryan, my Dad and me

my sisters

We played the shower game that creates "wedding dresses" out of toilet and tissue paper.. but the models were Dad, my friend Mark, my uncle and my Step bro, Brandon. They looked fantstic.. and we couldn't choose a winner because they were all so wonderful!!

Of course there were some wonderful presents. I can't thank everyone enough!! I'm so excited for matching towels!!

Shanan and his fantastic girlfriend Jess gave Bryan and I tickets to join them Sat night for the Mike Doughty show. It was such a good time!! It was at First Avenue, which is Prince's club. Bryan had never been there and he LOVES Mike Doughty, and has seen him in concerts for at least 10 years.. back to the days of Soul Coughing. Mike did a lot of songs from his new album.. but played some old Soul Coughing too.. which Bryan says he rarely does. It was a really fun night, and we can't thank Jess and Shanan enough for the tickets.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. We got home on Sunday afternoon and I dove for my spinning wheel. I had such withdrawal. I spun up 2 fantastic skeins.. one with the softest loose shetland lambie locks, and one with a blue and purple sparkely batt from Funky Carolina that I spun with a sparkley blue thread candy striped around the single. I will post some sneak peek pics later, and they should be up on etsy by tomorrow. Also, any orders made will now go out promptly :)

I can't thank everyone enough for the fantastic weekend. It's crazy.. the wedding is now in less than 5 months.. but it feels like just yesterday that Bryan proposed. I have SO much to do before the big day.. and there are still 2 more "mom" showers and another one that some girlfriends are throwing.. So much fun yet to be had! I can't wait!! Now I'm off to write some thank you notes!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

April Showers and May Flowers.. Store Update before I go!!

So last night I was able to spin up my Feb Zen String fiber club installment. It was the softest and fluffiest merino I have ever laid my hands on!! I was inspired by Carissa's(Treadle to the Metal) Flower yarn, so I pulled out my flowers from my scrapbook stash and found I had the perfect flowers for the fiber. I gathered all my supplies (including some gold angelina for some sparkle and gold metallic thread for plying) and sat down and watched Ghost Hunters while I spun this amazing yarn!!

I used 3 oz for the May flowers, and then I took the last 2 oz and spun a really lofty and squooshy, soft spun/ low twist single. They will look fantastic worked into a project together! I'm really starting to love spinning low twist yarns.. they are so lofty!!

I have listed them on etsy.. though it's going to be hard to say goodbye..

I also finished up a couple of fun coil necklaces that I made from a batt by the fantastic Ms. Lexi Boeger of PluckyFluff. I will try to get them listed today as well...

They are really fun.. I even made one for myself!!

OK.. I really have to go pack so we can be off to our first wedding shower weekend.. Yay Presents!! LOL!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Copper Pennies off the bobbin!!

What an amazing spin!! Really.. just incredible!! The sequins were so much fun.. and the shredded money was just crazy!! The yarn is SOO sparkley and full of texture! I think I will crochet this into a pashmina size shawl with some really soft medium brown corrie I got from Copper Moose. I'll use that for the edges and fringe, and I'll use Copper Pennies for the middle and a bit of fringe as well. Steph is so fantastic.. I can't wait for April!!

I am going to start my Feb Zen String fiber (Fern Gully )tonight.
I'm planning on spinning it thick and thin and I will ply it with gold thread and pretty silk flowers. I may not get it finished before we leave tomorrow evening for Minneapolis.. but I'm sure going to try!! I'll be away from my wheel for the entire weekend.. I may go thru withdrawl.. so I should get as much done before I go as I can!

This weekend is our first wedding shower. It's being thrown by my step mom and her sisters in Minneapolis. We are pretty excited.. who doesn't love presents.. and it does make all this weddding stuff very real. I mean it's always been real.. and even more so when I got my dress.. and then when we signed the contracts for the location and the vendors.. but now with showers starting.. it's really starting to happen.. Woot!! I'll have to balance spinning time with thank you notes :)

I'm not sure I'll have time to update the store before I go, but any orders made from today on will be mailed out next week :)

OK.. I have to start packing and get to that Merino...