Private Lessons!
If you are in the NC area and want to get wild in my studio send me an email and we can set something up!  Private lessons are $35 an hour, with a 2 hour minimum- OR spend an entire day (5 hrs) for $150!  We can work on carding.. spinning.. dyeing.. anything you can think of!  Dive into my fiber studio and see what happens!!
email to schedule something.

JazzTurtle Creations offers a number of workshops!
Please see the bottom of the page for supplies needed, workshops near you, how to register and other important info!!

Interested in HOSTING a workshop? 
Email me to find out about putting together a workshop in your area!! Most traveling workshops need a minimum of 10-12 people to make it happen. Hosts get to take the workshop for free in exchange for some organizing.  If there's enough interest, I'll go anywhere!! 
email to set up a workshop in your area!

Full day workshops-
INTENTIONAL ART YARNS - this is a 2 day workshop (usually Sat-Sun, 10-5 each day)
This is the most inclusive of my workshops. Learn how to spin all sorts of art yarns.. with special focus on creating a structurally sound and balanced yarn- merging art AND function! Take your visions and make them realities!  We'll card wild batts , corespin, spin locks and fleece, supercoils, beehives, bobbles, shaggy yarns.. and MORE!!  Leave the weekend with an armload of mini skein samples and an arsenal of new techniques so you can start creating your OWN styles! 

IT'S ART YARN-LET IT GO! This 1 day class (Usually Sat or Sun, 10-5) teaches the fundamentals of Art Yarn spinning.  Begin to think outside of the box and let things happen. We'll learn how to take one technique and apply it to the next, and how to spin an intentional art yarn, with focus on art as well as function- creating a sound and balanced yarn.   Techniques will include corespinning, supercoiling, bobbles,  beehives, cocoons and MORE!!

3-4 hour workshops (2 can be combined for a full day)-
I believe that corespinning is the foundation of many art yarn techniques! If you want to learn how to get the most out of precious fiber (like cashmere) and how to get the most texture and create funky art yarns, then corespinning is for you!  First we’ll learn how to corespin, with proper attention to achieving a balanced yarn. Then focus will shift to experimenting with different corespinning techniques- corespinning thin, corespinning with locks, coreless corespinning and adding objects into your yarns like felted nubbies, sequins, fabric, cocoons and other things you may bring. Carding textured art batts will also be demonstrated.

In this workshop we learn the essentials of artplying-Spinning the singles needed for them, then plying bobbles, boucle, supercoils, beehives, twists, halos, grannystacks and MORE!! Proper focus is given to spinning a balanced and sound yarn- merging art with function.  Carding textured art batts will also be demonstrated. Carding textured art batts will also be demonstrated. 

In this class we card all sorts of textured batts!  We’ll look at layering and blending colors. We'll talk about the function of drum carders and how create texture- while still maintaining the well-being of the machine.  We’ll figure out how to card batts to produce specific kinds of yarns, as well as layering texture for felters. Students should bring any fibers they’d like to card.  Multiple types of drum carders will be provided for students to use. No particular skills are needed if student just wants to learn to card batts, however spinning or felting knowledge is encouraged.Included Materials are: 6+oz assorted fiber for carding.
Students should bring any fibers they’d like to card and are encouraged to bring a drum carder if they own one!

(no spinning skills needed)
The name is derived from the Japanese word "nuno" meaning cloth.  You'll learn how to create beautiful silk and fiber scarves using textured artfiber, sparkle and a little elbow grease! Nuno felting is more than just merino and silk tops!!  Included materials are a chiffon silk scarf, 2+oz fiber/novelty yarns, bubble wrap, squirt bottle.  Please bring old nylons (or knee socks) and 2 towels 


Summer Retreat, July 15-17; Asheville NC
July 16: WILD CARDING, 10-2pm;
July 17: WILDPLYING, 2-5pm
Call Friends and Fiberworks, 828-633-2500 to sign up for classes.  Space is very limited so sign up soon!

SAFF, Oct 21-23, Asheville NC
Oct 22: WILDCARDING, 2-5
Oct 23: WILDPLYING, 12:30-4:30
Class Fenestration will open July 1 for members and July 15 for the public.  See the SAFF website for registration and membership information.


Skills needed for workshops-
You must know the basics of spinning on a wheel (singles, plying)

Supplies needed:
Wheel- any wheel, orifice size doesn't matter!!
  • Bobbins (as many as possible)
  • Niddy Noddy and Lazy Kate (or bowl for plying)
  • 8oz-1lb wool.  A mix of top and carded batts.. different staples. Please include at least 2oz of merino top.
  • 8oz-1lb non wool/random fiber. Please include at least 2 oz mohair roving and 2 oz of curly locks (mohair, cotswold, teeswater, border leicester, wensleydale etc)
  • Add in's- anything you want to add into a yarn.. (sequins, flowers, pom poms...) the sky's the limit, if you want to spin it, BRING it!  Please include some felted nubbies (I like to take some colorful wool, roll it into balls and put them in a pillowcase thru the washer! Instant felt nubbies)
  • a bobbin of freshly OVERspun singles. Worsted or heavier.. doesn't need to be even (thick and thin is great!)
  • Fabric (cotton, linen, silk)
  • Darning or Tapestry needle and scissors
  • Wrapping/Plying yarns
  • ***If you have a drum carder (or picker) you are ENCOURAGED to bring it!
This is the fun part that I love about the spinning community!  The abundance of SHARING!!  I will be bringing LOADS of fiber from my stash for you to play with as well.. Stuff I've collected over the years.. Yarns to ply with.. fun add in's.. to share with all of you.  If you have something you don't know what to do with, or just something you'd like to share with the group, bring it! We'll throw it all on a table and grab as  we go! 

I open up registration 3 months before a workshop. You can email me to be on the waiting list, and I will send out a notice when enrollment opens.

Cancellations: 100% full refunds are available up until 1 month from a workshop..  A 75% refund is given 3 weeks from a workshop.. No refund can given if canceling 2 weeks before a workshop.