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Goodbye Old friend.. Hello NEW friend!!

So.. it was a sad week last week, when I packed up my old friend, "Joy" and sent her off to her new home!! I spun my last yarn on her.. did my LAST bit of handwinding thru those hooks and remembered our good times. I'll miss you Joy.. but I know you are off to a loving new home..

I did, however, pick up my NEW spinning wheel on Sunday. A Lendrum, double treadle.. with a JUMBO FLYER! It is HUGE with a massive orifice!! BIG art yarns..with bobbles and buttons.. flowers and butterflies.. it's all possible now!!!
His name is Desmond, and I'm in love!!

Here's to a long relationship!!

5x7 The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham

WOW!! what an episode!! Lots of info last night!! I think that's going to start happening a LOT!! We have rounded the bend.. to where they are going to start giving us more answers than leaving us with questions. I don't necessarily think we'll know what questions go to the answers.. but we'll be getting more and more info with every episode..

OK.. onto the good stuff!! 5x7- The life and Times of Jeremy Benthem-

So our losties "crashed" onto the HYDRA island!! Well.. not really crashed, LANDED on the COMPLETED RUNWAY!!!
Juliet said in season 3 finale that they were building a runway on the Hydra island.. and then Ceaser and Ilana were walking on the completed runway!! Also, there were outriggers on the Hydra island.. which is what Kate and Sawyer took off the Island when Karl followed them...So that makes me think The Others knew this plane would need a place to land, and built the runway in anticipation.

The ?? is what TIME are they in?!?!? We know Kate/Hurly/Jack are back in the 70's Dharma time.. cuz there's the working van, and Jin is Dharma.. Did they "Flash" off the plane? but it seems as though the plane and our "new" losties are in the present time.. on a completed runway.. Is John with the new losties? What about Frank and the woman he ran off with.. could it be Sun? Why wouldn't Frank, Sun (or other woman) and John have flashed with Jack, Hurly and Kate? and Ben? Ben doesn't flash perhaps, because the island never intended him to come back? Maybe the runway is in the past, and it gets destroyed.. and then they are REBUILDING it in season 3?

Ceaser or one of the people who were talking about Locke in the beginning said: "they saw him come from the water" or something close to that. Christian was standing in the ocean when Jack saw him in season 1- also wearing a suit!! Interestingly John takes off Johns shoes..

Abbadon- I hope that's not the last we see of him. Was he on the island before? Abbadon in some texts is considered to be a fallen angel, and whom may or may not have regained God's favor. There are many conflicting accounts of who and what Abbadon is. He is said to be in league with Lucifer, and a King in Hell in some references. In others, he wrestled with Satan during the the Apocalypse and cast him into the Abyss, where he was ultimately defeated and bound.

Interesting that John Locke's alias is Jeremy Bentham- Bentham is also an english philosopher and social reformer and became known as one of the most influential of the utilitarians. This is the DIRECT OPPOSITE of the english philospher John Locke, who is considered the first of the British empiricists!! So there are 2 forces at work within the one character..

I personally do not believe that Ben knew that Locke had to die to get back to the island at the time that he killed him. If this is the case then this is another biblical reference where Ben represents those unbelivers who killed Christ, but did not realize that in killing him there were fulfilling the destiny and true path of Christ (Locke).

Now that we see John "alive" ressurected.. I think that Christian is more alive than an apparition.. but we haven't seen EVERYONE who dies come "back to life" boone.. shannon..goodwin.. ethan.. so is it only some people are special.. we have seen patchy mcgee keep coming back..

What about the Jack Shepherd being the one that John had to convince. And if he convinced the shepherd, the rest (of the sheep) would follow). Jack didn't believe John until he said that his father says hello.. and then ben tells John that Jack bought a plane ticket to sydney.. so that's the point when Jack starts flying back and forth trying to get back..

the date on the life mag: Apr 19, 1954

it says something about hydrogen on it and what looks like an explosion .. The military photo we saw last week was 9/22/54 (50 years before the oceanic crash) Could the mag have something to do with the JugHead bomb?

Danielle's map?


Space Time
Imaginary Time.
Imaginary Space

So the exit point is Tunesia.. and when ben comes out it's 2005. it didn't look like there was a camera or anything there at that point.. the nomads came upon ben and said.. there are no footprints.. so Widmore (who came out there too?) must have installed that camera after ben came to visit him..

Widmore.. I'm really not sure WHAT to think of him now!! I never liked ben really.. since we knew him as Henry.. then Fenry (FakeHenry).. he's always been a liar. protecting is OWN interests.. we only thought widmore was bad because that's how ben set him up.. and Widmore was a douche to our Desmond.. but what if it was because he KNEW desmond had to get to the island (and he did obviously-- he set up the boat race that got him there) and widmore knew the only way to get desmond there was to seperate him and penny.. so to protect the island he forgo's his daughter's happiness. That would point to Widmore being more serving to the island than Ben.. as ben does whatever is in HIS best interest.. not the island's best interest..

Was Widmore a leader of the others? How is he involved in Dharma? When did he get exiled?

WALT!! It was good to see tall ghost walt! He is definitly much HUGER now LOL!! I do think that even though John gave Walt a pass on going back... he will somehow end up back on the island. How about those DREAMS?!! We know that walt is special!! he said he saw John in a suit surrounded by bad people. Well John does crash in a suit. Could these bad people have to do with the war- or could they be the "new" losties.. like how our losties freaked out when they found out ethan wasn't on the plane?

I definitely agree that ben murdered Locke because Locke gave him the information he needed.. Eloise Hawkings. We've seen ben kill locke before.. we KNOW ben is threatened by locke.. Ben moved the island-- because he wanted to be the one to save the island and go back as the leader.. but it didn't work.. because that's not what Ben is suspossed to be doing!! Christian told john that he told HIM to move the island.. it's JOHN's place to go back and lead..

OK.. have to feed the cats.. back in a bit :)

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LOST! 5x06:316

wow.. just wow!! When the episode started with Jack in the jungle.. I totally had a brain melt!! I was like WTF!!

Let's start with the most important.. The episode is titled, 316. I think this is in reference to "John 3:16" (get it.. JOHN, 316)
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

– John 3:16 (KJV)
John 3:16 refers to the concept of substitutionary atonement, the concept that Christ died on behalf of His followers. In the same way, Locke's dead body is a substitute for Christian's The entire episode focused on Jack's evolving faith and belief in all that's been happening.. "Take a Leap of Faith, Jack" said Ms. Hawkings.... "I wish you would have believed me" said John's note. Belief and faith.. Just ANOTHER HUGE nod as John as a Christ figure..

I actually think Locke is Christ-- as he dies for everyone to come back to the island (for their "sins" persay) and then to be resurrected, but JACK is the apostle. This entire episode was about Jacks non belief and needing to have faith.. and the apostle needs to TOUCH christs wounds to believe.. he doesn't have faith.. but ben said he does in the end.. like Jack putting his father's shoes on Locke- he makes the leap of faith..

Those SHOES also are important.. Jack tells Locke's body that he didn't have enough care to get decent shoes for his father, and that he just gave him some white tennis shoes.. who was going to see his shoes? We've seen christian wearing those shoes.. we also saw them hanging from a tree in the jungle in the piliot episode

Carlton and Cuse said there was a major clue inthe very virst scene of the very first episode- maybe the shoes are the clue! I always thought it was vincent looking into jack's eyes-- vincent really being the smokemonster, "reading" jack.. then creating christian. Since everyone that has seen someone dead has had an encounter with smokey and been "read" except Jack.. unless it happened that first moment in the jungle.. and then vincent is really a manifestation of smokey the monster.. but maybe not.. maybe it's the shoes...

I think it was soooo crazy how the flight was able to be recreated.. hurly bringing on charlie's guitar-(did Charlie tell him to be on that plane?) reading a spanish comicbook!

Sayid being in handcuffs with a marshal (instead of kate), ben running on almost missing the flight.. John in the coffin- recreating Christian! Kate wearing shades and looking really strung out.. like Jack did. Jack was wearing a similar suit.. Ben was reading a book (Sawyer was reading).. also Claire was pregnant.. could KATE BE PREGNANT?!?? Jack and kate did the deed the night before.. could Kate be fulfilling that piece? Jack also had a letter from Locke.. Like sawyer has a letter he wrote to the real sawyer (johns father..)
Sun was hoping to reunite with her husband to save their marriage. In a way, going to the US Jin was attempting to go the same thing. Jack also stopped at the bar before he got on the plane.. also when jack got his ticket after explaining why locke's body was going to guam, that arab looking guy said he was sorry for jacks loss...and if i remember correctly michael said that to him the first time they got on the plane after jack got his ticket. so maybe that arab looking guy is in the place of michael..

HOW ABOUT JOHN RECREATING CHRISTIAN?!?!?! I think that's REALLY significant!! Maybe Christian WAS trying to get back to the island!! When Jack went and visited Ray (his Grand-dad) it seemed as though Ray KNEW what was going on.. when Jack said he was going away for awhile he didn't seem suprised.. and he seemed to KNOW that Jack would need those shoes!!!! We also saw a WHITE RABBIT in the nursing home where Ray was!! I definitely think he knows something!!

Jin is DHARMA?? Ok.. so obviouly when John stopped the flashes, they are not in "their" time.. but back in Dharma time.. maybe mid 70's. So how do our losties become involved with DI? Are they taken in and they just start working with them? Where are the "others" and whose with them at this point? Is Widmore still there? Since Juliet was an other in the "future" is she an other in the DI time too? The logo on Jin's jumpsuit looks like one we haven't seen yet..

Notice the virgin mary statue on Ms Hawking's desk? Look familiar? The Nigerian plane...

Did anyone notice, that in the "Lamp Post" there was a photo taken, 9/23/54?!?! That's exactly 50 years to the date of the oceanic plane crash. The last time we heard about 1954, Alpert had just killed the US military group that had arrived. Same group? Probally..
SOOOOOOOOOO.. How is widmore connected? He was ON the island when that happened. Is that how Dharma got the photo, because Widmore took it off the dead soldiers?

Let's talk about the LampPost for a second!! Like the lamp post from Narnia books, it's a gateway between our world and the island. In The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, at the end of the book the Lamp post is how they find their way home. Also, the windows concept is very Narnian. That tends to be how getting to Narnia works. You don't always get there through one place, but rather windows that take you there at the right time.With Jack potentially gaining faith that is very similar to CS Lewis who went from being an atheist to a leader in Christianity. Will Jack be the leader the island always wanted him to be but he never had the faith to become?

So she tells us the island is MOVING thru space.. which is why it's never found! How then, does dharma do food drops? How was ben and crew able to get on and off the island before 815 crashed? I don't quite understand how that is going to work yet..

I was pretty bummed there wasn't MORE SUPRISE and interaction when we first all come together with dez and ms hawkings! Why didn't anyone react when Des said she was faraday's mother? Ms Hawkings didn't look very happy at all when Des told everyone that!! There wasn't much reaction either when he said that she was the reason he had gone to the island, and been there 4 years? I wanted more from that itital meeting! Who was the "great man" she was taking about that originally came up with the idea to look for where the island would BE.. widmore? marvin candle? Faraday?

An oceanic flight is taking off behind the ajara flight..

FRANK LAPIDIS!! We're not going to Guam are we? LOL!! Remember he was the ORIGINAL pilot of flight 815, and he got sick and didn't make that flight.. that's how he KNOWS it's not the real oceanic flight 815 on the ocean floor! So now there is a "course correction" as desmond used to call it.. and fate is briging him BACK to the island!!

What happened to Aaron? Isn't he a part of the 6? Will he somehow return? was he taken by Claire's mother? I hope that is explained..

What happened to ben? I think he went after Penny.. when he saw Des, he knew penny was in town.. and went to fufill his promise to widmore, that he was going to kill his daughter.. Ms Hawkings says the island is not done with des yet.. maybe that's how he gets back.. because Penny gets killed and Des goes to hunt down Ben.. Ben calls jack from a marina.. we know that Des and penny came by boat.. Oh.. that will make me SOO sad.. but Carlton and Cuse have said in podcasts that things will get bad for our des and penny :'(

It was amazing last night.. I CAN"T WAIT for next week!!

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5x05- This Place is Death

OMG OMG OMG!! The BEST episode in SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like the show vomited information on us last night!! Like it was a BOXING match of information.. and I was just knocked out!!!

smokey the monster is a security system for the temple.. We have heard that from Juliet, Ben and Danielle herself.. back in season 1.. it still doesn't tell us WHAT it is!! It was awesome to see smokey last night!! We have heard about the temple when Ben told Alpert to take the people to the temple and wait there. It looks as though the hieroglyphs are the same that we see in the swan, as well as on the door that ben opened to go let the smoke monster loose on keamy's team

Now we know what Danielle was refering to when she says "where Montand lost his arm"

Obviously that's the "sickness" that danielle was speaking of... perhaps Smokey 'possessed' robert.. I don't think robert was an apperation of Smokey.. because danielle shoots him, and we know a gunshot won't affect smokey. I defintily think the island knew that danielle couldn't die, which is why robert's gun jammed. At that point she DOES remember Jin...

Danielle's music box.. I think we first saw that in season 1!! I think it was in episode 9-- the music plays, but the dancers are stuck. Sayid fixes it for Danielle... I think Danielle *would* remember meeting Jin if she were alive now (in the "losties" time) because it's now happened.. but when she first met him.. the flashes hadn't happend yet.. so she hadn't yet met him in the past.. so really it hadn't happened yet. Same reason why Desmond didn't remember Daniel when he met him in a flash.. in the flash, daniel hadn't yet talked to him and told him about a constant and to find him.. that happend last season.. so when daniel pounded on the hatch.. Des wouldn't have had those experiences yet.. so he wouldn't have had the "past" experience yet... I thought it was interesting that one of the boats at the dock were named "Illusion" and another was named "Lies Mystery".

Charlotte LIVED on the ISLAND as a child!! She knew where John should go to find the wheel.. when she was losing grip on time because of the flashes, she muttered, "Oh, turn it up, I love Geronimo Jackson," or something to that effect. She was a part of the DI.. could her parents be the DeGroots? could she be ben's childhood friend Annie? and HOW does she know Korean?!?!? I was sad for Daniel when she went into the last "unstuck" like Theresa from back in London. I hope she's still involved in the storyline.. but I do know she was always a "guest star" rather than regular cast like daniel and miles.. so who knows. Interesting that she was having the memories of MEETING daniel.. and she thought of him as a crazy old man who scared her.. because he told her to leave and never come back, or she would die!! Did Daniel try to change the future.. break the rules so to say? Did he get her to leave the island before the purge.. thus saving her life-- and then the island course corrects and she dies anyway? It seems as though there's TWO agendas floating around.. We've seen Ben and Christian (Jacob), Charlie and crew that are trying to get everyone to come BACK to the island.. we assume the island is speaking thru Christian.. but WHO is telling them NOT to come back? Something possesses Charlotte to tell Jin NOT to let them bring Sun back.. that the island is death.. and it doesn't seem as though it's really "charlotte' speaking.. Then we also have Claire and Anna Lucia appearing.. telling people NOT to come back.. so who is controlling the "NOT come back" agenda?

Locke sees CHRISTIAN down by the wheel!! I don't think Christian is Jacob.. but somehow a manifestation of Jacob. Interesting that he says "I told YOU to move the island".. I definitly think the bouncing back and forth was causing the flashes.. and where ever it stops now is the time they are in.. I like the idea that we may now be in a Dharma Initative time... We know that Daniel was back in time when the orchid was being built, and is down there when Dr Chang(Candle) comes down and tells them to stop drilling or it will unleash the power behind the rock.. and now we know he told a young Charlotte to leave the island and never come back or she will die..

I find it interesting that Jacob and Benjamin are Old Testament names, and as this show has many Biblical allusions, with John (A New Testament name and seemingly a Christ-like figure on the show now with him being sacrificed, dying and then apparently going back to resurrect on the island), Christian (part of the New Testament) would make sense to be the new island "overlord"-- another Christ reference.. John returns to the island 3 years later to be Resurrected (Christ was 3 days)

We saw the "black pillar of smoke" that Danielle referred to way back in season 1!!

MS HAWKINGS IS DAN'S MOTHER!!! Could the monk from Dez's past be her father? How awesome was the LOOK on Dez's face when he first saw her and was like OMG- the RING lady!! Ben looked surprised when Desmond asked if "they were looking for Faraday's mother too". So either Ben didn't know Eloise was Daniel's mother, or he just didn't expect Desmond to know that as well. I definitely think now, that Ellie from the island (widmore's time) is the same Eloise as we have now in the present. I think Ben was surprised by her being Faraday's mom because Faraday came to the island on Widmore's ship. This connects Ms. Hawkings and Charles Widmore. Widmore funded her son's work and she could be using that work right now to discover where the island is. I don't see Ben as being the kind of person to trust her after finding this out.

OMG.. I have to watch it again today before work...
I LOVE this show!! Next week is the life of Jeremy Benthem-- we'll see what happens to Locke OFF the island.. then the week after that is called 316.. which is the flight number of an ajara airlines flight...

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5x04- Little Prince

AWESOME episode last night!! Here goes..

The van that Ben was driving said Canton Rainier Carpet Cleaning.. Canton Rainier is an anagram for reincarnation

The piece of wreckage found from Rousseau's craft said "Besixdouze." Besixdouze (B612) is the name of the planet (asteroid really) that the Little Prince lived on. The Little Prince leaves his planet and after wandering the universe realizes how much he had before he left and he longs to go back... Is the Little Prince Jack? or is it Locke. In the book, the Little Prince has to die to find his way home. Perhaps the narrator in the book in the world of Lost is Jack. His life has gone without purpose until he crashes in the desert and meets the Little Prince. He learns from him the meaning of life. Jack's life was without purpose until he crashed on the island. Who then is the Little Prince? Maybe Locke. The Little Prince dies in order to free his worldly body and return to his planet, aka the island. We know that Locke leaves his own world, the island and has to die. Locke certainly has taught Jack the true meaning of life.

Ajira Airlines.. we don't really know how big of a role this will play.. could these be survivors from another crash? In the ARG that was suspossed to run last summer (which was cancelled because they ran out of money) It was suspossed to play a role. Ajira Airlines commericals ran before the Season Premier (in some areas) So how important is this? This website was launched, and it seems to resemble the old "oceanic" website.. but I haven't gotten any hidden stuff.. just very "lost" related excursions..
Make sure to click on the adventures and destiny and such..
When you look at the descriptions of the adventures.. do you notice who wrote them all? "[b]Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon[/b]" isn't MacCutcheon the name of the whiskey that Widmore doesn't think Des is good enough to drink.. and the same whiskey that Des, Charlie and Hurley found on the island?
What about the description?? "Escape your urban surroundings to discover the bleached beasts that are native to the southern hemisphere." and there's an image of a polar bear next to it. Polar bears aren't native to the Southern Hemisphere; they are native to the Arctic. These Adventures definitely seem Island related..

In the video on the homepage, this image flashes..

If you look at the date in the corner it is the air date of the Season Premier (1/21/09) it says John 316 . Part of the Ajira website has a Flight 316 to Guam, the trailer for Ajira has a split frame of a driver with 316 on his sign, John 3:16 was referenced on the website, and also is the Bible passage promising those who believe in God "everlasting" life.
I think I'm pretty certain the O6 and John Locke will be on that plane, and return to the Island on it. 316 fits with the title of S5 Ep 7 "316."
hmmm... You can send "ecards" on the site (at least you used to be able to) that looked like this..

Someone on was able to look up the source code for the site.. they found both text transcoded to hexadecimal characters and normal text. Here's what was found:

Home webpage:

For God so loved the world that he gave
his one and only Son, that whoever believes
in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen
games the like of lawn tennis and about hurley and
putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up
a nation once again and all of that.





About Ajira-page:


It was also discovered..that the text "So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen games the like of lawn tennis and about hurley and putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up a nation once again and all of that." comes directly from a book called James Joyce and the Fabrication of an Irish Identity]. This particular statement is talking about two people, one fictional, and one real in conversation. These people are Leopold Bloom and Michael Cusack. Leopold Bloom is fictional and seems to be indifferent to Irish Nationalism and gets in a fight with a real character called the citizen(Who is Michael Cusack, essentially). This is part of their argument on nationalism in Ireland (Page 34).
Maybe because Locke has to fabricate an identy? I'm not sure where this is going to come into play.. but it wasn't hidden in the sourcecode for no reason..

OK.. I found a page where you are able to print a "sample boarding pass" .. I've captured the image.. Sorry it's so big..

Do you notice in the corners of the boarding pass.. the symbols!?!?! Aren't those the symbols from the swan?
There's also instructions to DL for some origami (on the adventures page.. in the Island description) I haven't printed and folded the ticket.. but apparently you fold it up, and peek inside.. and maybe find some clue? I'm printing out the origami instructions now..

I have to admit.. trying to keep track of all the time shifts is difficult.. there's a great wiki page that has it all..

How AWESOME that Jin is ALIVE!! so he must be within the area of time shifting.. and he's just been shifting with the island? Will he be able to figure out that he's not in the "time" he remembers? Will his meeting Danielle somehow affect what has happened in the past?

Nose Bleeds... OK.. so are we to assume this starts happening according to the amount of time you've spent on the island? So we know now that Charlotte and Miles have been to the island before.. because they were born there? but how did they leave, and why do they not know? Charlotte has told daniel she still doesn't know where she was born. Now Juliette is getting them.. we know she's been on the island at least 3 years.. The enhanced version of last week(aired prior to the new episode) mentioned the temporal problem causing Charlotte's nosebleeds. They need to find their constant just like Desmond did when he got the "sickness" when the time jumped while he was on the helicopter to the freighter.
I don' think the nosebleeds/constant issue are the "sickness" that Danielle speaks of, that caused the death of her crew. The nosebleeds and such are happening to people who are experiencing the time shifts. Danielle and them shouldn't be experiencing those skips.. They exist in a period of the island's history where the inhabitants aren't skipping through time. "What happened, happened".. so they are just part of the story that the island is reliving.. So their sickness must be something else entirely

Ben's Lawyer.. hmmmmmmmmmmm..IMO -the biggest thing to take from that scene. Ben has ties to Oceanic. A few weeks ago we learned Widmore has ties to Oceanic. Can we assume that the Others, and the island in general are somehow tied together with Oceanic?.

I have to admit I was a bit irritated that we didn't have any subtitles, when we first encountered Rousseau and her team. I did hear the numbers repeating on their radio. Someone from said nothing important was said, except, "We shouldn't have followed those numbers"

5x03 Jughead

Ok.. sorry I'm late with this one..somehow it didn't get posted. I'll post last week's and then this weeks..
5x03- Jughead

This could be something.. or not.. but the doctor Desmond was calling for at the beginning's name was Efren Salonga, which is an anagram for "no safer angel."

While Ellie was taking Faraday to the Jughead, he mumbles, "you look just like her" Who do you think "her" could be? A character we already know, or someone new? Could it be his mother.. in the 50's? Could she and young Widmore have gotten together and made a baby.. DANIEL?!?!? When Miles first pointed out Dan to Ellie, she said, "You just couldn't stay away, could you?" Is it because she knows that this is her son.. from the future.. or is it because she knows that Daniel has been there before.. in another time jump?

We do find out that Widmore has been funding all of Daniel's research!! Could it be MORE than just a possibility of getting back to the island.. could it be that Daniel is his son?

DANIEL"S MOTHER IS IN LA!! This FOR SURE confirms that the woman that ben went to see- and told him that he has 70 hours to get back, (who is also the woman from the jewelry store), is DANIEL"S MOTHER!!

Soooooooo.. last week's episode, "The Lie" named Mrs Hawking as Eloise Hawking...the same name as Daniel's rat. maybe she's also 'Ellie' in the 50's with Richard's crew? Here's the photo that Desmond found in Faraday's office.. with his mom?

This photo also looks as it could be "Theresa" with Daniel.. the woman who caused Daniel to leave after something happens to her..
The woman that Desmond went to visit's name is Theresa Spencer. The man who Desmond met in Faraday's old lab mentioned something along the lines of Daniel leaving after something happened to a poor girl, then he went to see Theresa.. so this must be the "girl" that something happens too...

It seemed from her "symptoms" that the woman we saw was locked in like a permanent "The Constant" style experience- mind displaced in time. Maybe that's why Widmore is paying for all of her medical expenses.. because the reseach he's funded has caused this to happen.. but I really think there is more to it!

OK.................................... SO WIDMORE is ON the ISLAND

OK.. he's working WITH Alpert as an OTHER!! SO................. When ben becomes the leader of the others, does he somehow oust Widmore as leader? Thus taking the island from him? It seems as though in 1954, Widmore is working for Richard... which is pre Ben for sure!! Richard kills all the US soliders ... HOW did the US military find the island?

COULD Widmore somehow be a part of Dharma.. maybe Widmore leaves the island, and creates Dharma to go back and tap into the island's powers.. and Richard is threatened by Dharma so he and ben kill everyone and take it back.. maybe THIS is why Widmore hates ben.. because Ben helped destroy Dharma and moved the island, so Widmore couldn't find it anymore. Ben says that Widmore wants to exploit the island.. use it's powers for his own.. We know that Dharma was studying the island's powers and was tapping into them...

Interesting that Richard knows ben AND widmore VERY well.. do we question his loyalties? Both of these men have turned out to be "others" Maybe That is why Ben could not kill Charles in his apartment. Isn't it illegal to kill a fellow Other ? Remember when Juliet was on trial for killing that bloke on the beach when she saved Kate and Sawyer.

I thought Richard was supposed to recognize the compass that Locke gave him? Did they jump so far back that Richard doesn't remember? Locke hasn't even been born yet.. is THIS why Richard goes to see locke being born.. because future locke tells him too... When Locke told Richard that JACOB told him what to do.. Richard knew Locke was for real.. RICHARD.. oh Richard.. do you Choose the leaders of the island.. how are you connected to Jacob? I thought the exchange between Locke and Juliette was interesting..
Locke: "Just how old is Richard?"
Juliette: "Old."
It's amazing HOW many connections Locke has.. Richard was there when he was born.. he did the test with him as a child (obviously THIS is why he wanted him to pick the compass..) AND after Locke was pushed out the window and survived.. ABBADON was his orderly..pushing him in the wheelchair and telling him how important he will be and he has a lot ahead of him....

YAY BABY CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!