Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Ravelry Group and Virtual Spin In

YAY!! There's a new ravelry group that was created to show off your finished objects, request special items and get store updates and sneek peeks.. Come on over and join the fun!!

This weekend I participated in a "virtual spin in" on the novelty art yarn group over on ravelry. I got LOTS of yarn spun.. some to go up into the etsy shop this week!!!!
I spun up my april club batt from Loop.etsy.. this was my fave of the weekend.. and
definitly going into the personal stash..

I also spun up a few Loop.etsy babycakes, and added some beautiful chocolate bamboo and extra sparkle... also probally destined for the personal stash..

Then I spun my most labor intensive yarn yet.. the original fiber came from Lynn (yarn wench) She listened to some pink floyd and spun up 2 yarns.. Shine On and You Crazy Diamond.. In the theme of the original fiber, we watched the new DVD that Bryan brought home, of the Pink Floyd concert when the Berlin Wall fell (really COOL show) and I spun this really crazy yarn.. To the original pink floyd fiber from Lynn, I added locks from HollyEQQ, TONS of novelty yarns and NINE kinds of sparkles.. including purple tinsel and purple irridecent easter grass. This was the CRAZIEST spin.. but I love it!! This will go up on etsy this week..

Comfortably Numb (what my back was when I finished spinning this yarn!!) 98 yards

I also spun some wonderful shetland locks and matching firestar from HollyEQQ.. this is a beautiful partner yarn to "tropical storms" which is listed on etsy. This will also go up to the store sometime this week..
Tropical Flowers, 112 yards

I also spun up some mini batts.. which created some fun yarns..
The first 2 are "mini skiens" they are fantastic for small projects, trim, stripes.. or just to try your hand at playing with art yarns.. these will also be going up into the store this week..
both are 22 yards, plied with thread, coils, beehives and sparkley pom poms..

Lilly Pads

and finally.. I took a bunch of mini batts.. tore each one in half and then spun in a repeated order for a striping effect when used in a project.
Many Thanks, 100 yards

So there you have it.. the etsy store update for this week!! It was a FUN weekend.. I have to work on Sat at the spa.. but I'll on Sunday I'll participate in the Virtual Super Coil spin in at the Intertwined spin along ravelry board.. so there will be even MORE fun stuff coming!!

YAY!! See you on Ravelry..


Colorfuldayz said...

I don't knit, crochet or felt, but these yarns are so incrediably beautiful and touchable I would like to just have a big bowl of them sitting around somewhere to look at and run my fingers through!

Helen Suzanne said...

ok, now I have to join "the spinning wheel" group... These yarns are so gorgeous and inspiring. Maybe I will learn how if I stick at it... My wheel has the better of me but using a drop spindle has me hooked. Thanks for blogging.