Saturday, May 10, 2008

HUGE Moving/Packing SALE and the Art Show was AWESOME!!

Last Sunday the art show I participated in went WONDERFULLY!!! It was an amazing day.. warm with a cool breeze.. perfect for spinning!! Lots of people asked questions.. especially kids.. and everyone thought it was "So Cool"
I did sell some yarn.. which is awesome.. except one sale was one of my FAVE skiens that I actually wanted to use in my own project.. but I had to let it go..

I'll miss you "Under the Sea" But I know you went to a good home!!

The rest of the day was wonderful. I did find out that garment racks make FANTASTIC yarn displays.. people can see and touch the yarn, without having to unskien everything.. and I could hang together the yarns I spun for like projects..

All in all, an amazing day.. and I can't wait to do it again in October!!

In "STORE NEWS" I updated Thurs and Friday... with more yarns and scarves coming this weekend!!! Lots of Vegan fibers.. bamboo, tussah silk and hemp as well as some fun new art yarns!!!>

I'm having a HUGE Buying and Hose and Moving SALE, to run thru our closing date.. June 5th! Everything in the store has been marked down, and there are goodies for buying more than one item: buy 2 or more items and get 10% off your next purchase, buy 3 or more items and get free shipping, buy 4 or more items and get 15% off your next purchase!! I'd love to get the current inventory into your hands so I can spin and craft more in my NEW craft room!!!!

I'm participating in a virtual spin in this weekend on raverly.. so I plan on getting a TON of spinning done!! I started last night at midnight (because it was technially Saturday) and spun one bobbin that consists of 3 loop babycakes, some chocolate brown bamboo and 4 colors of extra angelina (purple iris, copper, gold and crystal amethyst) on top of what steph loaded into the baby batts.. and some sari silk (which was in one of the batts) I LOVE how it turned out.. and it's not even off the bobbin yet!!

So here's to a great weekend.. happy mother's day!!

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