Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6x03- What Kate Does- Weekly LOST blogtakeover!

It was a good episode last night. Not in my top 10, but I enjoyed it. I think more questions were raised than answers received.. but that's LOST right? all the way to the end!!

It's pretty HUGE that the date on Claire's ultrasound is one month later.

This really brings up some interesting ideas... First of all, Claire goes into labor around the same time on island as she does in the sideways flash... so the timeline is accurate. ETHAN is off island here.. yet still a doctor. Here he tells her that he doesn't want to stick her with needles (just like he DID on the island) What about Ethan!! He's the son of Horace and Amy.. and Amy had been married to another man on the island, who was killed (paul, I think) before Sawyer (as LaFleur) made the truce. SO does this mean that Horace and Amy STILL get together somehow in the sideways reality? This opens up HUGE possibilities for our Losties to cross paths with the Others off Island in the sideways reality.. reinforcing that fate is just that.. and if you are meant to meet someone you will.. regardless of the situations..
Also.. what happened in the month between the original flight on 9-22 and the sideways reality flight on 10-22? Shannon reconciles with her boyfriend, John goes on the walkabout, Hurley is being lucky I guess? Who knows how much has "changed"

Huge thing.. The woman who was going to adopt Aaron is named Lindsey Baskum. Anagram: Used by Malkin
In the original timeline, Malkin sent Claire on the plane, knowing it would crash on the island and she would have to raise Aaron. In this alt. universe, Malkin put Claire on the plane knowing the couple in LA would split up and again, she would have to raise Aaron.
Looks like even in the sideways reality Claire raising Aaron is important.

Lots of the "deja vu" moments last night.. Claire calls the baby Aaron!! Kate has one when she sees Jack waiting for the taxi, she has one when she pulls out the same whale stuffed animal, she has one when she hears Claire call the baby Aaron.

Interesting facts (based on wiki) on the real life Dogen
Wiki Dogen
Notably, Dogen wrote Treasury of the Eye of the True Dharma or Shōbōgenzō, a collection of ninety-five fascicles concerning Buddhist practice and enlightenment. He also was a believer in endless prayer- that life and prayer should be one.
An excerpt from the book states, "In death, he lives." See link for more text.

CLAIRE!!! whoo hoo Claire!! OK.. so how does Dogen KNOW that Claire is Jack's sister? Does Christian tell him somehow? Claire seems to be the "new" Roussau! She's setting traps and using that rifle! It seemed the Others (Aldo and what's his name) knew they weren't Roussau's traps.. were they not "looking" for Claire because they know she's "infected" Will Sawyer and Kate get "infected" if they aren't in the temple (is that what the ash protects against?) We saw Roussau's team get "infected" when they went into the tunnel beneath the temple and we saw Smokey.. so we assume that Smokey causes the sickness..
SO MAYBE.. when a person dies-Smokey can manifest as that person entirely-
BUT when a person is NEAR death... like Claire was when the house exploded and fell on her, and like Sayid was when he was shot and bleeding.. then Smokey "infects" the person.. rather than manifesting as them. Not sure why Smokey wouldn't just wait until they'd totally died and just manifest completely.. so there has to be some difference to what happened to John Lock v fLocke and the infections of Sayid and Claire

In the same vein as the "infections" It seems as though Miles was looking at Sayid strangely.. almost like he knew something was different. Same when Sawyer pulled Claire out of the explosion. She says something like "I'm just woozy, I'll be ok" and Miles responds with something like "that's what you think" .. I think miles knows more than he realizes.

Will the REAL John Locke appear to Hurley or talk to Miles at all?

Interesting that there was an episode in season 2 called "What Kate Did", and this episode was called "What Kate Does". I think it's playing on the two different timelines going on... as well as reinforcing that the sideways reality is happening at the same time as the island reality.

I've got to start dinner, but I'm still chewing on it all a bit..
I think next week is going to be a big one!!

Some fiber Porn to end the post- my FAVE batt in the shop right now- amazing coopworth and kid mohair locks with tons of sparkle!(get it on etsy before I spin it myself!)..


Ginga Squid said...

I watched the first & second seasons then missed the third & never really caught up - but watched the odd episode here & there.
BUT last week in NZ there was a huge recap - and finally I am 'there'. I think I just about get it so far - but we must be a few weeks behind you here in NZ....
Last night they all found themselves back on the original plane & didn't crash but landed in LA.

Pat Fuller said...

Stumbled across your blog and LOST caught my attention. I like the way you think and I will be coming back for more of your weekly blogs on this crazy but i-can't-wait-until-the-next-episode show.

ChelleC said...

I love your recap of LOST. Excellent insights and summary. I wonder what you think of what we learned last night?

I love your knitting, spinning and carding. Found you from Ravelry.

Cindy said...

Can you please tell me where I can get info about Pluckyfluff coming in July.

Cindy In Carolina