Friday, September 10, 2010

JazzTurtle Creations Batts featured in Fall issue of Spin Off Magazine!

 I'm so excited because my batts are used in the current (Fall) issue of Spin Off Magazine!! Jacey Boggs  wrote a great article on corespinning and she used my batts for the piece! There's some amazing photos.. AND 2 shop mentions!  I'm just giddy.. and my neighbors must think I'm crazy since I started dancing around and squealing when I opened the mailbox and saw the batts in the magazine staring back at me!  This is my first major press and I can't be more thrilled!! Off to card batts for the bigger than I'd originally planned shop update this weekend!!

I'm only showing a few of the photos with my fiber.. you have to go buy the magazine to see the entire article!
(With my shop mentions!!)

I will have more of the "Magestic Peacock" batt that's featured on the front page of the article, along with more of the "No Worries" batts that Jacey is using to spin in my update on Monday. If you put "FALLSPINOFF2010" in the message to seller I'll refund your shipping!!


island sweet said...

how absolutely wonderful! i'll be looking for a copy next time i'm in the city.

ChelleC said...

Congratulations! I read the article and saw how lovely your batts are. That's wonderful publicity.

Jacey is now in our local knitting guild here in the Kansas City area.

I loved this whole issue of Spinoff. It was packed with wonderful info and photos

Jenny Sethman said...

The article was great and your batts looked terrific.