Monday, April 21, 2008

WhirlWind in Chicago..

What a weekend!! We got LOTS of wedding stuff done.. Bryan picked out his wedding ring, we toured the hotel and tasted the food (mmm.. good food!!) We tasted and picked out the wedding cake (mmm.. GREAT cake!!) We had a meeting with the Judge who is officating the wedding.

We also took more than 500 "engagement" pictures with our amazing photographer. He is so incredibly talented.. getting the traditional "portraits" as well as the cool photojournalistic shots. We walked from Millennium park in the Loop, to the South Loop by Columbia College, back up to the North loop.. by the courthouses.. taking pictures all the way. We really managed to catch some real "chicago" shots.. with the "L" tracks casting shadows.. We also took some cool shots up on the NorthSide, when we had stopped at his studio on the way back to Mom's. We went into the alley outside his studio and took another bunch of totally "chicago" shots!! We found a dirty couch that was waiting to go to the dump and used that for a few.. and they turned out to be some of the best of the day. Totally worth sitting in the pigion shit!!

I really love all the pictures he took while we were in the Loop, at Millennium Park and in the Art Institute Gardens as well...

Of course Passover was wonderful.. and we got to see bunches of friends and family. We even got a Wii as a wedding present!! WOOT! I'll have to balance spinning time with bowling!!

There was a store update before I left, and I'll be adding more stuff this week. I'm the featured artist the first sunday in May in Pittsboro, so I'll keep everyone posted as I know more about that!!

Off to my wheel.. I went thru withdrawal this weekend!!

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audrey said...

This guy shot my friends wedding last year and her photos are WONDERFUL! I'm not surprised yours turned out just as fabulous!