Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years Resolution.. to post more!!

Where have I been you ask?? Well.. we finally moved and got the house all set up!! I have my own craft room now HURRAH!!!!

I'm SOO excited to have my own space. And do you see that drum carder there!?!? That's right.. I'm now offering unique and fun filled fiber batts for spinning and felting! I'm thrilled to be offering the kinds of fiber blends that I love to spin!!

I also learned to KNIT!! I'm so excited!! I'm not doing anything too adventurous... mostly shawls, scarves and cowls.. but it's super fun!! I just finished my first triangle shawl. I corespun 16 loop babycakes into 4 yarns.. each yarn representing one of the 4 elements, and each yarn having 4 stripes (from 4 babycakes) I then knit a triangle shawl, from air to earth, fire then water. I just LOVE how it turned out and I can't wait to knit up some more!! I'll be offering more and more knit and crochet items in the shop as I finish them :)

Of course I've been doing lots of spinning!! I'm on a crazy corespinning kick right now and I've been just corespinning everything! I'm seriously hooked on mohair locks!! OH the curlies!! You'll be seeing LOTS of new stuff in the shop!!

Well.. all of that and I got MARRIED!! So hurrah!! I know this year is going to hold lots of fun stuff.. I can't wait!!

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Velvet said...

Wow! Glad to see you posting again! And yes, you've been quite one busy bee!