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LOST! is back!! Episodes one and two.. because you left and lie for the past few seasons I've written synopsizes of each episode, with my ideas and the things I've caught, for my friends at We have quite a discussion going over there.. so now that I have a blog, I figured I would repost it here for others to see. Feel free to comment and share your ideas! That's what makes this show so fun!!

YAY!! Here's to the first show of 2009!!! Ok.. first of all, if you haven't seen this youtube video of the "lost footage" from comic-con, it's important to see it!! You hear Chang's name for the first time... talking about what happens, the "purge" you also hear DANIEL FARADAY's VOICE!! He's THERE!! So is it our future daniel back in time, or WAS DANIEL part of the original Dharma?!?!?! You also hear a baby crying, and Chang tells someone to take HIM outside!! I really think Miles is the son of Dr Chang (candle, wickman etc)

5x01, Becaues you Left; 5x02, The Lie

Well, it wouldn't be lost without the numbers appearing in the opening scene.. the clock clicked from 8:14 to 8:15 and the alarm goes off in Marvin Candle's house.. or is it Marvin Candle. Didn't they call him Dr. Chang? I loved the way you saw the reflection of his face in the record player when he was fixing the skip.. Interesting that he fixed a "skipping record" foreshadowing to Daniel's explination, or what will happen that day?

Shotgun Willie by Willie Nelson is the song Pierre Chang (Halliwax, wickmund, candle) plays on the record player at the beginning.
Shotgun Willie is a song that plays like a broken record. The first verse is repeated constantly, playing 3 times throughout the song. a constant repetition. the song only has 2 other verses.
5 verses total and 3 of the five is a repeated verse.
even in the second verse (below). the lines repeat. paralleling what's going on with the island perhaps? how the island is skipping like a broken record. they chose this song for a reason.
"you can't make a record if you aint got nothin to say.
you can't make a record if you aint got nothin to say.
you can't play music if you don't know nothin to play."

Ben's meat ticket also had the numbers.. 342 as well as the area code for jacks phone number as shown on Kate's phone. It was also the price of mid-grade gas at the gas station when Hurley left and kate pulled in

Kate goes up to floor 31 to visit sun.. 15 plus 16.., also 3 plus 1 equals 4 Did you notice that Aaron really wanted to "push the button"! He said something like "Mommy I want to push the button! Let me push the button!".
Does anyone else think this might hold some significance? I don't think this line was just thrown in there for no reason. Maybe Aaron has an important role to play on the island in the future?

Mrs. Hawking- the lady from the Jewelry store to sold desmond the ring, and then explained to him the causality of time.. she's somehow in cahoots with ben? I guess that makes some sort of sense... She tells ben he has 70 hours until the event horizon..
70 hours. 4 + 8 + 16 + 42 = 70.
I also thought it was very interesting to see Ms. Hawking with the old computer as she was charting something. The computer screen read "Event Window Determined" and flashed a few points on a map of the earth. The location of these points is very interesting. There were 10 locations in all. Some of the important points to note are:
1: The point off the east coast of Africa (Eko's brothers plane)
2: 2 points close to Antarctica and one point off the coast of Russia, south of Alaska(polar bears...a stretch)
Could the "Event Window" be letting her know that this is when they will have an opportunity to get back on the island?
It seems as though she is using the Foucault Pendulum, here is a shot of it..

Then here is hers..

This small rotation angle seems to show up on her blackboard

What is interesting to me is that it seems the Foucault Pendulum was used, by both the computer and Ms. Hawking, to find the island. So if the island is unstuck in spacetime, perhaps using this device can somehow locate the island using the rotation of the Earth? Whatever the case is, the physics is extremly complex and would have to be explained by someone with much expertise. ALso, since she is working on time travel, and Daniel tells Des to go find his mother who is working on time travel.. could Ms Hawking be Daniels mother? The island jumps before Daniel gets to say her name. Was the jewelry store that Des got penny's ring in Oxford? I think it was...

Hilarious that Hurley's dad was watching Expose!! LOL!!

The wheel that ben turned to "move" the island.. the x-ray that is shown to Dr. chang..

So this is the unbridaled energy that controls the island? Obviously the wheel has been there a LONG time.. the island was melting the drillbits to prevent the energy from being reached? We know the island can affect the mind.. like it did to the worker?

The RULES.. Dr Chang mentions the Rules of time travel that can't be broken.. Daniel also mentions "the rules" of time travel.
Ben says Widmore changed "the rules" when Keamy shot Alex. are these all the same rules? If so, Keamy and his team has been to the island before.. it happened before, and the first time, Alex didn't get shot or die. So, Daniel says that you can't change things.. as hard as you try, what happens will happen.. sort of like what Ms Hawking told Des about how time rights itself.. we saw that with Locke trying to climb up to the plane.. and gets shot and doesn't make it (cuz he has to find the plane and go up with boone) but if time prevents you from changing things.. HOW did Keamy shoot Alex?

Richard and Locke.. very interesting. first of all.. why are the LOSTIES (and our frieghter friends) moving and Richard and crew aren't? Richard gives Locke a compass.. When Richard comes to visit young Locke, he asks him if a compass means anything to him. Is Richard coming back in time to visit young Locke to see if he REMEMBERS the compass? Is time already skipping, so Richard was checking to see if that had happened yet?

Neil Frogurt guy? Another random extra that we've seen briefly.. hilarious that he was wearing a red shirt (which we know signals something) and then he's the first that got struck with the flaming arrow..

how ABOUT the flaming arrows!!! WHO are those people? We assume the losties are somepoint back in time, since their camp is still "unbuilt" but HOW far back in time? (I'm thinking we are back on the same day that the Nigerian plane crashed.. Locke was back at the recent plane crash after the third skip, and it seems the day continued from there BUT when Daniel is talking to Des, then we jump.. and the next scene is Des waking up from a dream, and Penny says he's been off the island for 3 years.. so we are back in Jack/Kate/Hurley time.. which is different than sawyer/Juliet/daniel time- it seems the oceanic 6 "present" is 3 years in the future of the folks back on the island.. they were still seeing the smoking freighter. The Oceanic 6 could be having "flash forwards" but we know that time passes differently off the island.. so maybe they have been gone 3 years, which feels like only hours on the island.. not including the skips in time) Anyway, Could these arrow throwing people be the aggressive hostiles that Dr Chang refers to, or are these early Dharma initative? The people who corner Sawyer and Juliet have on jumpsuits.. so maybe they are dharma.. They as Sawyer and Juliet, "what are you doing on OUR island?" So it makes sense they are Dharma and are "claiming" the island.. they are always talking about the "hostiles" and it seems that Dharma have guns.. so why would they be shooting flaming arrows? Maybe that's WHY the defense hatch is called the Arrow.. because the hostiles shoot flaming arrows?
OR what if the arrows are [b]from[/b] the Arrow station. Perhaps it is some sort of built defense mechanism that is triggered by movement. The attack started right after Bernard got the flash of fire...

Who is Jill, the butcher? She also knows about Ben's plan, and perhaps has a desire to return to the island? She seems to know about Locke and his signifance to the group and the island.

Desmond is special.. we know he's special with time stuff. I had to really figure out why, though, didn't desmond recognize Daniel when he knocked on the hatch door.. they had already worked together.. I figure the reason Desmond didn't recognize Daniel is because Desmond lived in a timeline where he never met Daniel. When he woke from his dream it was as if his consciousness was attached to a new timeline - one where Daniel DID talk to him - hence why he has this new memory. If Desmond ever goes back to the island now and see's Daniel he'll remember meeting him during his time in the hatch.

OK.. I have a strong theory about Hurley that has developed thru last season.. and now was solidifed with this episode. I think hurley is also special. I think he sees dead people.. sorta like miles.. but hurley can actually SEE them. Go back to the Mental instution.. his best friend "dave" We know, from Libby's flashbacks, she met Desmond randomly at a coffee shop. He joins her for coffee and they chat. He tells her about penny and the boat race her father is hosting and how he wants to join to win penny back. Libby tells desmond about her dead husband DAVID, and how he had a sailboat. She will never use it, and gives it to Desmond for his race.. which is how he gets to the island.. now.. back to hurley at santa rosa. Libby is there TOO!! What if hurley's "imaginary" friend Dave is really the ghost of Libby's husband David. Hurley can see him, so they interact. Dave reappears to Hurley on back the island-- when Hurley is getting friendly with Libby.. and Dave actually tries to get him to hurt himself by jumping off a cliff.. Maybe it's because Hurely is getting close to his wifey!! We know Hurley came upon the Cabin.. which was unexpected for Hurley AND the cabin!! Ben and Locke were SHOCKED when Hurley spoke of it. The cabin seems to be a place where the dead can manifest (Christain Shepard.. Claire) Maybe that's why hurley could see it.. because he can see the dead. Hurley sees and interacts with Charlie when they are back from the island.. and then, tonight, he saw Anna Lucia.. who acknowledged (like Charlie did) that she was indeed dead.. AND that libby said Hi!! I really think Hurley can see and talk to dead people!!

Charlotte.. what's happening to her? Could her body be out of sync with her mind? Maybe she was born on the island but experienced present-day time the rest of her life. That's why she her thoughts are hurting her and her body is experiencing physiological damage. She needs to find a constant to re-anchor her.

So when Daniel was at the orchid.. he walked there and saw random people and went in acting like a worker? he does have a tshirt on under his button down shirt.. OR was he actually THERE the first time around?

I'm trying to figure out why Richard and the other's are moving with the island.. and our losties are doing something else...
It seems as like there are two timelines..
Both our losties and the island are moving through time.

The island is moving in the island stream of time and the losties are moving in the non-island stream of time. The island, and everything of the island, went back in time. The losties stayed in their correct time.

The people left behind on the island are not anchored to either stream of time. They're the ones who are free-floating and bouncing around between the island time and the off-island time they are supposed to be in.

WOW.. it is SOOO good to get back to this!! I really thought last night was fantastic!! A lot of commericals.. but that's Lost! I'm really looking forward to what this season holds!!

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