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5x13-Some Like it Hoth Weekly LOST! blogtakeover!

wow.. well, I've been crazy busy the last few weeks, and I've enjoyed reading your discussions. The past couple episodes were good.. but not HUGE.. I think we are really getting to HUGE now!!

A couple of symbolic sightings..
The microwave in the first scene was at 3:16 (the flight that brought them back to the island)

The key for room #4 that little Miles opened was under a white bunny rabbit!

Sawyer and Kate were on Camera #4.

The van Miles and Hurley were driving around in was van# 8, as seen when Miles hung up the key.

New Dharma "school" or education logo.. on Hurly's notebook..

Last night I thought, was great!

We got to see the background on Miles.. and we got confirmation that he is indeed Chang's son.. though we don't know if he was born on the island, or was brought as a child. We can assume he was born on the island, as Hurley says they've been together on the island for 3 years, Miles replied they don't run in the same circles.. and in the same conversation Chang said his son, baby Miles, was 3 mos old.
This also brings Miles and Chang into the whole issues with the fathers theme.. as Miles has LOTS of issues with his father as well..
Chang was reading baby Miles a book about polar bears..
Hurly also compares Miles/Chang relationship to Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker.. interesting because we know that Chang will lose his arm at somepoint.. as Luke lost his hand..

We also know why Miles demanded 3.2 million dollars from Ben.. it's double Widmore's offer.

What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue? Bram (the man who spoke to Miles in the van) was on flight 3:16, and is the one who Elena addresses when she says get everyone together.. on the beach.. SO.. WHO are these people? That cache of guns was ON the PLANE!! it seems these people are planted on the plane as well.. knowing FULL WELL they are going to the island.. SO did Elena get Sayid so he WOULD come to the island? Do these people work for Ben.. were they planted knowing full well he was going to need reinforcements if he was going to take back his position as leader from Locke? But.. they didn't seem to know who ben was.. when he was unconscious.. and when he was going with Locke.. but maybe they were just playing along.. OR.. are they somehow involved with Alpert? Widmore told locke there was going to be a war on the island, and everyone would die if he weren't back.. we assumed the war was going to be the "purge" between the others and DI.. but maybe it's something else...
We know they oppose widmore.. and they seem to have no link with DI.. but since they oppose widmore.. you'd think they'd be for ben.. but as I said earlier.. they don't seem to know him either... So maybe they are somehow related to Alpert.. he does seem to be different than the rest of the others..
OR.. the people in the Van are Dharma 2.0.
In the Shadow of the Statue may have been how the original Dharma found the locations to build the Orchid or Swan or both in that, as the sun travels across the sky, the actual Shadow of the Actual Statue might have ascribed an arc that pointed out locations of specific anomalies. The Statue would have not have to be there if someone knew the original height. Simple trigonometry, time of day, time of year, location of Island on the Earth would do the rest.
That would fit in perfectly with the video from Comic-Con last year. Pierre Chang basically told the audience to reconstitute the Dharma Initiative to finish the work he and his colleges were engaged in!
They know about the island, they know about Miles connection to it and they use some sort of key question just like "What did the snowman say to the other snowman ?"
The dead guy that Miles channeled in his 'audition' (whom we are asumming that Sayid killed) was carrying the same intel that Tom showed Michael last season to prove that Widmore is the one who planted that airplane... (the empty graves and the old decommissioned airplane..)
But if Widmore was set to recieve that same intel, doesn't that show that it was actually an unknown third party who planted that airplane?
I mean, if he had come up with that hoax, then he wouldn't need any of that intel, b/c he would have already known all about it.
And so.. could it be that these "shadow of the statue' people are the ones that concocted that hoax?

Chang refers to the Hydra Island and their ridiculous experiments.. so it's obvious he only seems to care about the "power" of the island.. IE the orchid and swan.. but then why was he wearing a Hydra Lab Coat?

We see Dharma School.. as Jack is cleaning the chalkboard. Interesting that
on the right side were the 3 periods of the Egyptian era- upper, middle, lower..
then on the right were some hieroglyphics and the phrase, "Writing of the works of God" It appears that the "class" was learning about ancient Egyptian language, dialects, and hieroglyphics. It seems that the "class" needs to learn how to read, write, and speak ancient Egyptian... maybe it's not a class for children.. but for the DI scientists to be able to interpret what they find?

I think the BEST part of the episode was the end when Faraday came out of the sub! We thought we were finally going to see the DeGroots.. but Faraday is WAY better!! SOO.. how did he get off the island.. the sub? It seems as though he's been gone awhile.. maybe he was removed from the island.. as he was a scary old man who seemed to know the future.. but when he went back he was able to find the degroots (who we know are in ann arbor) and try to change the future? maybe this is how a copy of a page from his notebook (about the different timelines) got into ben's "present" office (that ceaser found when he was searching it)

I'm starting to think that with all the different perspectives, it might be possible that there is no "good" or "bad" guys. It all depends on who you look at. They might be all trying to achieve the same purpose through different ways, or they might be all going a different direction for the island. We don't know right now which is the right one.

I'm just thinking through typing right now, so kind of like a Science v. Faith v. Destiny v. History and each side is fighting for the islands control because they believe it is their island for their purposes. Daniel could be huge on the Science team.

Here is a screencap.. he has a dharma jumper on.. navy like Radzinski. The logo looks like the swan..

Maybe this is how Daniel created the lamp post station.. back in 1977.. Ms. Hawkings said that it was created by a great scientist.. and we couldn't figure out HOW daniel would create that.. but with him back in time.. it makes sense..

What about the scene from Because you Left (the season premier) that had Daniel working in the Orchid.. did that happen BEFORE daniel left.. or has that NOT happened yet..
I'm thinking that it hasn't happened yet.. because we see baby miles in that scene pulling himself up onto his feet.. which kids don't do until 8-9 months.. So maybe that has YET to happen..

The scene with Miles and Hurly talking about how they see dead people was awesome!! I think Hurly can actually SEE the dead.. talk to them.. as we've seen him do.. while Miles it's more of a communication.. but more mental.

What is Sawyer going to do with Phil? I think their cover is now blown..

break next week.. and then the 100th episode.. "The Variable", which is DANIEL centric. Then the week after that is "follow the leader" which is RICHARD centric.. and then the 2 hr season finale, "the Incident" which is EVERYONE centric!

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