Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ACE Team Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Join in the fun and win prizes in the ACE Team's Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

In each of our participating shops is hidden a colorful Easter egg (just like the one above). Find them and you could win one of these amazing prizes.

The Grand Prize totals over $110 dollars.. for photos of the prizes please visit
The Ace Team Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Entries will be accepted from 12:01am on Thursday, April 2 until 11:59pm on Monday, April 6.
Winners of the contest will be selected using on Tuesday, April 7.

1) Visit one or all of the etsy shops listed below and look for the hidden Easter eggs. There will be one egg hidden in each shop. Make note of the ITEM URL, not the shop URL.

2) Email the following information to
~ Make a list of the URLs for each egg you find. Only one email will be allowed per contestant, so make sure to include the locations of ALL the eggs you find!
~ Entries must include your name, email address and mailing address. This information will not be shared. Entries lacking any/all requested information will be disqualified.
~ The more eggs you find, the better the prize
* Find all 21 eggs to qualify for Grand Prize
* Find at least 19 eggs to qualify for 1st Prize
* Find at least 16 eggs to qualify for 2nd Prize
* Find at least 13 eggs to qualify for 3rd Prize
* Find at least 10 eggs to qualify for 4th Prize

3) Go Shopping with the ACE Team
~ You can earn extra entries by making a purchase from the shops listed below. Simply email your paypal confirmation email to qualify.
~ The more you shop, the more entries you get
* 5 entries for making a purchase of at least $25(not including shipping)
* 3 entries for making a purchase of at least $15(not including shipping)
* 1 entry for making a purchase of at least $5(not including shipping)
~ You can make as many purchases as you like, because you will earn entries for each shop you purchase from.
~ Make sure to include your name, email address and mailing address in the email. This information will not be shared. Entries lacking any/all requested information will be disqualified. You may send as many emails as you like for shopping entries.

4) Help Us Publicize This Event
~ You can earn extra entries for helping to promote this event by blogging, twittering or any other means that we can verify
~ Post a URL in the comments below. Only one entry per website. Be sure to include your email address.

5) Follow Our Blog
~ Receive 5 entries for following the ACE Team Blog
~ Post in the comments below and be sure to include your email address.

6) Create a Treasury
~ You will receive 3 entries for creating a treasury containing at least 6 ACE team members.
~ Post the URL in the comments below and be sure to include your email address.
~ Limit one treasury per contestant/email address.

Start hunting for eggs! Browse through these shops to find em'!
agreenelephant - Adorable Stuffed Animals and Home Decor
AlloverArt - Wearable Art Pendants, Rings, Brooches, and Bobby Pins!
aprilsoriginals - Fashionable bags, Wristlets, Crayon Keepers and more
EBSpider - Crochetd Accessories and Gifts
GoneDoggie - Handmade Items for Dogs and Dog Lovers
inthelightglassworks - Hand Blown Glass Jewelry and Homewares
Jazzturtle - Unique Handspun Yarn & Fiber Batts
kingfishercrafts - Handmade Applique Animal Quilts, Jewelry and Crafts
laksaware - Handcrafted Kitchenwares, Bathwares and more
LittleMissSewNSew - Aprons, Bags, Sewing Kits and more
mariasfunkytreasures - Handmade Jewelry and Vintage Items
McCoyToys - No Batteries Required - Just Imagination
MooreMagnets - Magnet Boards and other Fun Stuff
mychelle - Placemat bags, Dishcloths and more
newfangled - Unique and Durable Paper Bangles
PamperedPapier - Paper Goods For Any Need
slimdgm - Decorated Clipboards
stefaniesbownanza - Headbands, Clippies, Botique Bows and more
TraceyGurley - Original Art, Paintings, and more
UberArt - Journals, Guest Books & Polymer Clay Pendants
ValerieEssentials - Unique Gel Candles

~ This contest is only open to US residents.
~ Prizes will be shipped for free from each individual etsy seller.
~ Entries earned for anything other than finding eggs: These entries will be applied to the prize category that the contestant qualified for when finding eggs. (For example: If a contestant finds all 21 eggs, they would receive one entry into the grand prize category. If they earn extra entries for shopping with the ACE team, these extra entries would be entered into the Grand Prize drawing)
~ If a contestant's name is not drawn in one prize category, their entries will be moved down into the next category. (Example: Contestant earns 8 entries for the Grand prize, but does not win. Their 8 entries will then be moved into the drawing for First prize. If they don't win first prize, their entries would be moved to the next category and so on until either they win or all prizes have been awarded.)
~ Winners will be notified by email and must respond within 24 hours or all prizes will be forfeit. In this case, another winner will be selected and contacted until the prize is claimed.

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