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5x03 Jughead

Ok.. sorry I'm late with this one..somehow it didn't get posted. I'll post last week's and then this weeks..
5x03- Jughead

This could be something.. or not.. but the doctor Desmond was calling for at the beginning's name was Efren Salonga, which is an anagram for "no safer angel."

While Ellie was taking Faraday to the Jughead, he mumbles, "you look just like her" Who do you think "her" could be? A character we already know, or someone new? Could it be his mother.. in the 50's? Could she and young Widmore have gotten together and made a baby.. DANIEL?!?!? When Miles first pointed out Dan to Ellie, she said, "You just couldn't stay away, could you?" Is it because she knows that this is her son.. from the future.. or is it because she knows that Daniel has been there before.. in another time jump?

We do find out that Widmore has been funding all of Daniel's research!! Could it be MORE than just a possibility of getting back to the island.. could it be that Daniel is his son?

DANIEL"S MOTHER IS IN LA!! This FOR SURE confirms that the woman that ben went to see- and told him that he has 70 hours to get back, (who is also the woman from the jewelry store), is DANIEL"S MOTHER!!

Soooooooo.. last week's episode, "The Lie" named Mrs Hawking as Eloise Hawking...the same name as Daniel's rat. maybe she's also 'Ellie' in the 50's with Richard's crew? Here's the photo that Desmond found in Faraday's office.. with his mom?

This photo also looks as it could be "Theresa" with Daniel.. the woman who caused Daniel to leave after something happens to her..
The woman that Desmond went to visit's name is Theresa Spencer. The man who Desmond met in Faraday's old lab mentioned something along the lines of Daniel leaving after something happened to a poor girl, then he went to see Theresa.. so this must be the "girl" that something happens too...

It seemed from her "symptoms" that the woman we saw was locked in like a permanent "The Constant" style experience- mind displaced in time. Maybe that's why Widmore is paying for all of her medical expenses.. because the reseach he's funded has caused this to happen.. but I really think there is more to it!

OK.................................... SO WIDMORE is ON the ISLAND

OK.. he's working WITH Alpert as an OTHER!! SO................. When ben becomes the leader of the others, does he somehow oust Widmore as leader? Thus taking the island from him? It seems as though in 1954, Widmore is working for Richard... which is pre Ben for sure!! Richard kills all the US soliders ... HOW did the US military find the island?

COULD Widmore somehow be a part of Dharma.. maybe Widmore leaves the island, and creates Dharma to go back and tap into the island's powers.. and Richard is threatened by Dharma so he and ben kill everyone and take it back.. maybe THIS is why Widmore hates ben.. because Ben helped destroy Dharma and moved the island, so Widmore couldn't find it anymore. Ben says that Widmore wants to exploit the island.. use it's powers for his own.. We know that Dharma was studying the island's powers and was tapping into them...

Interesting that Richard knows ben AND widmore VERY well.. do we question his loyalties? Both of these men have turned out to be "others" Maybe That is why Ben could not kill Charles in his apartment. Isn't it illegal to kill a fellow Other ? Remember when Juliet was on trial for killing that bloke on the beach when she saved Kate and Sawyer.

I thought Richard was supposed to recognize the compass that Locke gave him? Did they jump so far back that Richard doesn't remember? Locke hasn't even been born yet.. is THIS why Richard goes to see locke being born.. because future locke tells him too... When Locke told Richard that JACOB told him what to do.. Richard knew Locke was for real.. RICHARD.. oh Richard.. do you Choose the leaders of the island.. how are you connected to Jacob? I thought the exchange between Locke and Juliette was interesting..
Locke: "Just how old is Richard?"
Juliette: "Old."
It's amazing HOW many connections Locke has.. Richard was there when he was born.. he did the test with him as a child (obviously THIS is why he wanted him to pick the compass..) AND after Locke was pushed out the window and survived.. ABBADON was his orderly..pushing him in the wheelchair and telling him how important he will be and he has a lot ahead of him....

YAY BABY CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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