Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Spin Along!! Come Join the Fun!!

OK my fiber friends.. our first spin along is up and running!! What is the theme you ask? Well we got to chatting in the rav group about our love of all things 80's.. and I couldn't resist the My Little Pony chatter.. so here it is.. our first spin along theme is MY LITTLE PONY!! Since my batt sets are all unique, this spin along will be even more fun because we are all going to get our OWN batts.. based on DIFFERENT my Little Ponies!!! YAY!! Didn't you want your own pony??

You will recieve 2 batts, totaling 4 oz or more of fiber. You will also recieve some very special add in's and embellishments for your yarns.

Listings are up in the shop.. and will be available until April 11. (or until the spaces run out) I’ll ship the batts by the 14th.

Now for the extra fun part..
We’ll start a thread in the Jazzturtle Creates Ravelry Group for you to show off your batts (since each one will be different) *If you are not on Ravelry, you can email me your photos and I will post them for you to share with the group* If you could please take a photo of the batts to share with everyone, since I will probably not be able to photograph all the sets.

Then you have until May 10 to post a photo of your spun yarn, and if you can finish a project, then you can post that as well. People who aren’t on rav are going to send me their pics, and I’ll share them with you. I will also post the pics on my blog as well.

Then starting May 10, people can vote for their favorite yarn and finished object. The winner of each group will get a FREE batt!!.

Please post in the sign up thread in the group, OR include in the message to seller, whether you want Glitz, or No Glitz.. and any color you absoultly DON’T want in your batt!! Oh.. also if you are ok with texture.. or you want more of a smoothie. Then leave the rest to me!!

I'm going to spin along with everyone.. though my yarn won't be eligible for the prize :) I think this is going to be super fun, and I can't wait to see what everyone creates!

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L said...

I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!