Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Copper Pennies off the bobbin!!

What an amazing spin!! Really.. just incredible!! The sequins were so much fun.. and the shredded money was just crazy!! The yarn is SOO sparkley and full of texture! I think I will crochet this into a pashmina size shawl with some really soft medium brown corrie I got from Copper Moose. I'll use that for the edges and fringe, and I'll use Copper Pennies for the middle and a bit of fringe as well. Steph is so fantastic.. I can't wait for April!!

I am going to start my Feb Zen String fiber (Fern Gully )tonight.
I'm planning on spinning it thick and thin and I will ply it with gold thread and pretty silk flowers. I may not get it finished before we leave tomorrow evening for Minneapolis.. but I'm sure going to try!! I'll be away from my wheel for the entire weekend.. I may go thru withdrawl.. so I should get as much done before I go as I can!

This weekend is our first wedding shower. It's being thrown by my step mom and her sisters in Minneapolis. We are pretty excited.. who doesn't love presents.. and it does make all this weddding stuff very real. I mean it's always been real.. and even more so when I got my dress.. and then when we signed the contracts for the location and the vendors.. but now with showers starting.. it's really starting to happen.. Woot!! I'll have to balance spinning time with thank you notes :)

I'm not sure I'll have time to update the store before I go, but any orders made from today on will be mailed out next week :)

OK.. I have to start packing and get to that Merino...

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