Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's so good to be liked!!!

I've been featured on a fantastic blog!! Check it out at How awesome is that!!!!


Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I love handspun yarn! Just looking at it makes me go ooooh! As a result, I have just ordered a drop spindle and roving from ebay, the roving arrived today, but no spindle yet! So alas, I must wait a few more days!

If you can't spin but love handspun yarn to, I suggest you check out Jazzturtles shop, for a lovely selection. I esp like this colour, which is plied with gold thread for a bit of sparkle.

Art yarn makes me go even more "ooohy" than regular handspun, and this great flower version would look wonderful as a scarf or bag!

As well as yarn, she also sells jewellery made from felt, and felt beads so you can make your own. The last time I tried to make felt was disastrous, so I am glad that you can buy them! She even has some patchwork clothes too, what a talented lady!


There's also a fantastic blog that features NC Triangle artists..

I have been featured in a number of Etsy Treasuries there as well.

Thanks everyone!! You all rock!!

I am still trying to post a store update later this week.. also getting more yarn to the gallery by the beginning of april!

Happy Spring!!

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