Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a fun (and snowy) weekend!! The Wedding festivites begin..

Wow.. we are really getting married. This past weekend we were in Minneapolis for a wedding shower that my step mom, her sister and my dad threw for us. Our first bit of wedding festivities...

First of all.. it started snowing the moment we arrived in Minneapolis.. and kept snowing and snowing and snowing until we left on Sunday afternoon.. I don't think Bryan had ever seen it snow for 72 hours straight.. it was really pretty.. but I for sure didn't bring the right shoes for that!! It's spring here in NC!

Other than the snow.. and the hard fall I had when I slipped on my butt.. it was an amazing weekend. My mom flew up from Chicago.. which was also amazing, since Chicago got hit with the same snowstorm MN did.. and Mom's plane was the only one that made it out on Friday!! My brother and his fantastic girlfriend came, along with some good family friends and family.
My mom, brother and me

Bryan, my Dad and me

my sisters

We played the shower game that creates "wedding dresses" out of toilet and tissue paper.. but the models were Dad, my friend Mark, my uncle and my Step bro, Brandon. They looked fantstic.. and we couldn't choose a winner because they were all so wonderful!!

Of course there were some wonderful presents. I can't thank everyone enough!! I'm so excited for matching towels!!

Shanan and his fantastic girlfriend Jess gave Bryan and I tickets to join them Sat night for the Mike Doughty show. It was such a good time!! It was at First Avenue, which is Prince's club. Bryan had never been there and he LOVES Mike Doughty, and has seen him in concerts for at least 10 years.. back to the days of Soul Coughing. Mike did a lot of songs from his new album.. but played some old Soul Coughing too.. which Bryan says he rarely does. It was a really fun night, and we can't thank Jess and Shanan enough for the tickets.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. We got home on Sunday afternoon and I dove for my spinning wheel. I had such withdrawal. I spun up 2 fantastic skeins.. one with the softest loose shetland lambie locks, and one with a blue and purple sparkely batt from Funky Carolina that I spun with a sparkley blue thread candy striped around the single. I will post some sneak peek pics later, and they should be up on etsy by tomorrow. Also, any orders made will now go out promptly :)

I can't thank everyone enough for the fantastic weekend. It's crazy.. the wedding is now in less than 5 months.. but it feels like just yesterday that Bryan proposed. I have SO much to do before the big day.. and there are still 2 more "mom" showers and another one that some girlfriends are throwing.. So much fun yet to be had! I can't wait!! Now I'm off to write some thank you notes!!

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Erin said...

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the pictures of the shower game that ya'll played. Never heard of it before, but I'm definitely going to suggest it for any future showers. Time will tell if my family is as talented as yours! Best of luck to you!