Friday, March 28, 2008

Sneek Peek at the Weekend Update...

So I managed to get a decent amount of spinning done this week, inbetween the thank you notes I was writing. I'm pretty proud of myself.. I will have them all out by Monday :)

I plan on doing a store update tomorrow (sat evening) but it may get pushed back until Sunday.. here's a sneak peek of 3 of the 5 yarns going up this weekend..

I had a lot of fun being creative this week.. I guess I really went thru wheel withdrawal when I was in MN. The first I spun while I was watching this week's episode of America's Top Model.. ok.. yes.. I spin to crap TV.. but I don't really need to "watch" persay.. as I can just sorta listen and look up every once and a while and know what's going on.. anyway.. the girl I like was assigned to be a "Pop Princess" in her photo shoot this week.. she was wearing this shiny vinyl pink and black outfit with killer boots.. so it inspired the name of this yarn.. which is a mix of stuff in shades of pinks and greys and black.. Locks from Renae of TerraBellaSpun, batts from ArtClub, more locks from ArtClub. Angelina from Loop.. spun thick and thin and plied around a black rayon thread with beehives and coils and fun sparkley pink pom poms. There are 10 small pom poms and 4 larger ones.
Pop Princess..

I also spun up a fantastic Loop Spontaneous Spinning batt in shades of light blue and white with TONS of sparkle!! It's spun thick and thin and plied with a metallic silver thread with beehives and coils. It's called Carolina On My Mind

This last yarn is made from loose shetland lamb locks. Spinning with loose locks gives the yarn a lot of amazing texture. You are also really in control of where the colors are placed. I love this yarn!! It's a part of the EtsyFAST april challenge- Storms, as well as the ravelry fiber friday, Rainforest. It's called Tropical Storms
The blue sky right after it storms.. and fuscias like the bold flowers in the rainforest.. I added some angelina for sparkle.. like the raindrops still sparkling on the green foilage and the beautiful flowers. I love how it turned out. There's also an amazing halo around this yarn.. which I wasn't able to catch really well..

I have to work tomorrow during the day.. but I may felt up some beads tonight...


sgeddes said...

What great looking yarns! I'm ashamed to admit it, but I spin to that show too! I like the same girl.

Esther said...

YAY!! It's so fun to spin to crap TV!! LOL!! Last night I spun to CSI Miami.. made a really bright, Miami, yarn.. it's amazing how bad TV can inspire!! HA!!
Can't wait to see what they put Lauren in tonight!