Thursday, February 19, 2009

LOST! 5x06:316

wow.. just wow!! When the episode started with Jack in the jungle.. I totally had a brain melt!! I was like WTF!!

Let's start with the most important.. The episode is titled, 316. I think this is in reference to "John 3:16" (get it.. JOHN, 316)
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

– John 3:16 (KJV)
John 3:16 refers to the concept of substitutionary atonement, the concept that Christ died on behalf of His followers. In the same way, Locke's dead body is a substitute for Christian's The entire episode focused on Jack's evolving faith and belief in all that's been happening.. "Take a Leap of Faith, Jack" said Ms. Hawkings.... "I wish you would have believed me" said John's note. Belief and faith.. Just ANOTHER HUGE nod as John as a Christ figure..

I actually think Locke is Christ-- as he dies for everyone to come back to the island (for their "sins" persay) and then to be resurrected, but JACK is the apostle. This entire episode was about Jacks non belief and needing to have faith.. and the apostle needs to TOUCH christs wounds to believe.. he doesn't have faith.. but ben said he does in the end.. like Jack putting his father's shoes on Locke- he makes the leap of faith..

Those SHOES also are important.. Jack tells Locke's body that he didn't have enough care to get decent shoes for his father, and that he just gave him some white tennis shoes.. who was going to see his shoes? We've seen christian wearing those shoes.. we also saw them hanging from a tree in the jungle in the piliot episode

Carlton and Cuse said there was a major clue inthe very virst scene of the very first episode- maybe the shoes are the clue! I always thought it was vincent looking into jack's eyes-- vincent really being the smokemonster, "reading" jack.. then creating christian. Since everyone that has seen someone dead has had an encounter with smokey and been "read" except Jack.. unless it happened that first moment in the jungle.. and then vincent is really a manifestation of smokey the monster.. but maybe not.. maybe it's the shoes...

I think it was soooo crazy how the flight was able to be recreated.. hurly bringing on charlie's guitar-(did Charlie tell him to be on that plane?) reading a spanish comicbook!

Sayid being in handcuffs with a marshal (instead of kate), ben running on almost missing the flight.. John in the coffin- recreating Christian! Kate wearing shades and looking really strung out.. like Jack did. Jack was wearing a similar suit.. Ben was reading a book (Sawyer was reading).. also Claire was pregnant.. could KATE BE PREGNANT?!?? Jack and kate did the deed the night before.. could Kate be fulfilling that piece? Jack also had a letter from Locke.. Like sawyer has a letter he wrote to the real sawyer (johns father..)
Sun was hoping to reunite with her husband to save their marriage. In a way, going to the US Jin was attempting to go the same thing. Jack also stopped at the bar before he got on the plane.. also when jack got his ticket after explaining why locke's body was going to guam, that arab looking guy said he was sorry for jacks loss...and if i remember correctly michael said that to him the first time they got on the plane after jack got his ticket. so maybe that arab looking guy is in the place of michael..

HOW ABOUT JOHN RECREATING CHRISTIAN?!?!?! I think that's REALLY significant!! Maybe Christian WAS trying to get back to the island!! When Jack went and visited Ray (his Grand-dad) it seemed as though Ray KNEW what was going on.. when Jack said he was going away for awhile he didn't seem suprised.. and he seemed to KNOW that Jack would need those shoes!!!! We also saw a WHITE RABBIT in the nursing home where Ray was!! I definitely think he knows something!!

Jin is DHARMA?? Ok.. so obviouly when John stopped the flashes, they are not in "their" time.. but back in Dharma time.. maybe mid 70's. So how do our losties become involved with DI? Are they taken in and they just start working with them? Where are the "others" and whose with them at this point? Is Widmore still there? Since Juliet was an other in the "future" is she an other in the DI time too? The logo on Jin's jumpsuit looks like one we haven't seen yet..

Notice the virgin mary statue on Ms Hawking's desk? Look familiar? The Nigerian plane...

Did anyone notice, that in the "Lamp Post" there was a photo taken, 9/23/54?!?! That's exactly 50 years to the date of the oceanic plane crash. The last time we heard about 1954, Alpert had just killed the US military group that had arrived. Same group? Probally..
SOOOOOOOOOO.. How is widmore connected? He was ON the island when that happened. Is that how Dharma got the photo, because Widmore took it off the dead soldiers?

Let's talk about the LampPost for a second!! Like the lamp post from Narnia books, it's a gateway between our world and the island. In The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, at the end of the book the Lamp post is how they find their way home. Also, the windows concept is very Narnian. That tends to be how getting to Narnia works. You don't always get there through one place, but rather windows that take you there at the right time.With Jack potentially gaining faith that is very similar to CS Lewis who went from being an atheist to a leader in Christianity. Will Jack be the leader the island always wanted him to be but he never had the faith to become?

So she tells us the island is MOVING thru space.. which is why it's never found! How then, does dharma do food drops? How was ben and crew able to get on and off the island before 815 crashed? I don't quite understand how that is going to work yet..

I was pretty bummed there wasn't MORE SUPRISE and interaction when we first all come together with dez and ms hawkings! Why didn't anyone react when Des said she was faraday's mother? Ms Hawkings didn't look very happy at all when Des told everyone that!! There wasn't much reaction either when he said that she was the reason he had gone to the island, and been there 4 years? I wanted more from that itital meeting! Who was the "great man" she was taking about that originally came up with the idea to look for where the island would BE.. widmore? marvin candle? Faraday?

An oceanic flight is taking off behind the ajara flight..

FRANK LAPIDIS!! We're not going to Guam are we? LOL!! Remember he was the ORIGINAL pilot of flight 815, and he got sick and didn't make that flight.. that's how he KNOWS it's not the real oceanic flight 815 on the ocean floor! So now there is a "course correction" as desmond used to call it.. and fate is briging him BACK to the island!!

What happened to Aaron? Isn't he a part of the 6? Will he somehow return? was he taken by Claire's mother? I hope that is explained..

What happened to ben? I think he went after Penny.. when he saw Des, he knew penny was in town.. and went to fufill his promise to widmore, that he was going to kill his daughter.. Ms Hawkings says the island is not done with des yet.. maybe that's how he gets back.. because Penny gets killed and Des goes to hunt down Ben.. Ben calls jack from a marina.. we know that Des and penny came by boat.. Oh.. that will make me SOO sad.. but Carlton and Cuse have said in podcasts that things will get bad for our des and penny :'(

It was amazing last night.. I CAN"T WAIT for next week!!

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