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5x7 The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham

WOW!! what an episode!! Lots of info last night!! I think that's going to start happening a LOT!! We have rounded the bend.. to where they are going to start giving us more answers than leaving us with questions. I don't necessarily think we'll know what questions go to the answers.. but we'll be getting more and more info with every episode..

OK.. onto the good stuff!! 5x7- The life and Times of Jeremy Benthem-

So our losties "crashed" onto the HYDRA island!! Well.. not really crashed, LANDED on the COMPLETED RUNWAY!!!
Juliet said in season 3 finale that they were building a runway on the Hydra island.. and then Ceaser and Ilana were walking on the completed runway!! Also, there were outriggers on the Hydra island.. which is what Kate and Sawyer took off the Island when Karl followed them...So that makes me think The Others knew this plane would need a place to land, and built the runway in anticipation.

The ?? is what TIME are they in?!?!? We know Kate/Hurly/Jack are back in the 70's Dharma time.. cuz there's the working van, and Jin is Dharma.. Did they "Flash" off the plane? but it seems as though the plane and our "new" losties are in the present time.. on a completed runway.. Is John with the new losties? What about Frank and the woman he ran off with.. could it be Sun? Why wouldn't Frank, Sun (or other woman) and John have flashed with Jack, Hurly and Kate? and Ben? Ben doesn't flash perhaps, because the island never intended him to come back? Maybe the runway is in the past, and it gets destroyed.. and then they are REBUILDING it in season 3?

Ceaser or one of the people who were talking about Locke in the beginning said: "they saw him come from the water" or something close to that. Christian was standing in the ocean when Jack saw him in season 1- also wearing a suit!! Interestingly John takes off Johns shoes..

Abbadon- I hope that's not the last we see of him. Was he on the island before? Abbadon in some texts is considered to be a fallen angel, and whom may or may not have regained God's favor. There are many conflicting accounts of who and what Abbadon is. He is said to be in league with Lucifer, and a King in Hell in some references. In others, he wrestled with Satan during the the Apocalypse and cast him into the Abyss, where he was ultimately defeated and bound.

Interesting that John Locke's alias is Jeremy Bentham- Bentham is also an english philosopher and social reformer and became known as one of the most influential of the utilitarians. This is the DIRECT OPPOSITE of the english philospher John Locke, who is considered the first of the British empiricists!! So there are 2 forces at work within the one character..

I personally do not believe that Ben knew that Locke had to die to get back to the island at the time that he killed him. If this is the case then this is another biblical reference where Ben represents those unbelivers who killed Christ, but did not realize that in killing him there were fulfilling the destiny and true path of Christ (Locke).

Now that we see John "alive" ressurected.. I think that Christian is more alive than an apparition.. but we haven't seen EVERYONE who dies come "back to life" boone.. shannon..goodwin.. ethan.. so is it only some people are special.. we have seen patchy mcgee keep coming back..

What about the Jack Shepherd being the one that John had to convince. And if he convinced the shepherd, the rest (of the sheep) would follow). Jack didn't believe John until he said that his father says hello.. and then ben tells John that Jack bought a plane ticket to sydney.. so that's the point when Jack starts flying back and forth trying to get back..

the date on the life mag: Apr 19, 1954

it says something about hydrogen on it and what looks like an explosion .. The military photo we saw last week was 9/22/54 (50 years before the oceanic crash) Could the mag have something to do with the JugHead bomb?

Danielle's map?


Space Time
Imaginary Time.
Imaginary Space

So the exit point is Tunesia.. and when ben comes out it's 2005. it didn't look like there was a camera or anything there at that point.. the nomads came upon ben and said.. there are no footprints.. so Widmore (who came out there too?) must have installed that camera after ben came to visit him..

Widmore.. I'm really not sure WHAT to think of him now!! I never liked ben really.. since we knew him as Henry.. then Fenry (FakeHenry).. he's always been a liar. protecting is OWN interests.. we only thought widmore was bad because that's how ben set him up.. and Widmore was a douche to our Desmond.. but what if it was because he KNEW desmond had to get to the island (and he did obviously-- he set up the boat race that got him there) and widmore knew the only way to get desmond there was to seperate him and penny.. so to protect the island he forgo's his daughter's happiness. That would point to Widmore being more serving to the island than Ben.. as ben does whatever is in HIS best interest.. not the island's best interest..

Was Widmore a leader of the others? How is he involved in Dharma? When did he get exiled?

WALT!! It was good to see tall ghost walt! He is definitly much HUGER now LOL!! I do think that even though John gave Walt a pass on going back... he will somehow end up back on the island. How about those DREAMS?!! We know that walt is special!! he said he saw John in a suit surrounded by bad people. Well John does crash in a suit. Could these bad people have to do with the war- or could they be the "new" losties.. like how our losties freaked out when they found out ethan wasn't on the plane?

I definitely agree that ben murdered Locke because Locke gave him the information he needed.. Eloise Hawkings. We've seen ben kill locke before.. we KNOW ben is threatened by locke.. Ben moved the island-- because he wanted to be the one to save the island and go back as the leader.. but it didn't work.. because that's not what Ben is suspossed to be doing!! Christian told john that he told HIM to move the island.. it's JOHN's place to go back and lead..

OK.. have to feed the cats.. back in a bit :)

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