Thursday, February 12, 2009

5x05- This Place is Death

OMG OMG OMG!! The BEST episode in SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like the show vomited information on us last night!! Like it was a BOXING match of information.. and I was just knocked out!!!

smokey the monster is a security system for the temple.. We have heard that from Juliet, Ben and Danielle herself.. back in season 1.. it still doesn't tell us WHAT it is!! It was awesome to see smokey last night!! We have heard about the temple when Ben told Alpert to take the people to the temple and wait there. It looks as though the hieroglyphs are the same that we see in the swan, as well as on the door that ben opened to go let the smoke monster loose on keamy's team

Now we know what Danielle was refering to when she says "where Montand lost his arm"

Obviously that's the "sickness" that danielle was speaking of... perhaps Smokey 'possessed' robert.. I don't think robert was an apperation of Smokey.. because danielle shoots him, and we know a gunshot won't affect smokey. I defintily think the island knew that danielle couldn't die, which is why robert's gun jammed. At that point she DOES remember Jin...

Danielle's music box.. I think we first saw that in season 1!! I think it was in episode 9-- the music plays, but the dancers are stuck. Sayid fixes it for Danielle... I think Danielle *would* remember meeting Jin if she were alive now (in the "losties" time) because it's now happened.. but when she first met him.. the flashes hadn't happend yet.. so she hadn't yet met him in the past.. so really it hadn't happened yet. Same reason why Desmond didn't remember Daniel when he met him in a flash.. in the flash, daniel hadn't yet talked to him and told him about a constant and to find him.. that happend last season.. so when daniel pounded on the hatch.. Des wouldn't have had those experiences yet.. so he wouldn't have had the "past" experience yet... I thought it was interesting that one of the boats at the dock were named "Illusion" and another was named "Lies Mystery".

Charlotte LIVED on the ISLAND as a child!! She knew where John should go to find the wheel.. when she was losing grip on time because of the flashes, she muttered, "Oh, turn it up, I love Geronimo Jackson," or something to that effect. She was a part of the DI.. could her parents be the DeGroots? could she be ben's childhood friend Annie? and HOW does she know Korean?!?!? I was sad for Daniel when she went into the last "unstuck" like Theresa from back in London. I hope she's still involved in the storyline.. but I do know she was always a "guest star" rather than regular cast like daniel and miles.. so who knows. Interesting that she was having the memories of MEETING daniel.. and she thought of him as a crazy old man who scared her.. because he told her to leave and never come back, or she would die!! Did Daniel try to change the future.. break the rules so to say? Did he get her to leave the island before the purge.. thus saving her life-- and then the island course corrects and she dies anyway? It seems as though there's TWO agendas floating around.. We've seen Ben and Christian (Jacob), Charlie and crew that are trying to get everyone to come BACK to the island.. we assume the island is speaking thru Christian.. but WHO is telling them NOT to come back? Something possesses Charlotte to tell Jin NOT to let them bring Sun back.. that the island is death.. and it doesn't seem as though it's really "charlotte' speaking.. Then we also have Claire and Anna Lucia appearing.. telling people NOT to come back.. so who is controlling the "NOT come back" agenda?

Locke sees CHRISTIAN down by the wheel!! I don't think Christian is Jacob.. but somehow a manifestation of Jacob. Interesting that he says "I told YOU to move the island".. I definitly think the bouncing back and forth was causing the flashes.. and where ever it stops now is the time they are in.. I like the idea that we may now be in a Dharma Initative time... We know that Daniel was back in time when the orchid was being built, and is down there when Dr Chang(Candle) comes down and tells them to stop drilling or it will unleash the power behind the rock.. and now we know he told a young Charlotte to leave the island and never come back or she will die..

I find it interesting that Jacob and Benjamin are Old Testament names, and as this show has many Biblical allusions, with John (A New Testament name and seemingly a Christ-like figure on the show now with him being sacrificed, dying and then apparently going back to resurrect on the island), Christian (part of the New Testament) would make sense to be the new island "overlord"-- another Christ reference.. John returns to the island 3 years later to be Resurrected (Christ was 3 days)

We saw the "black pillar of smoke" that Danielle referred to way back in season 1!!

MS HAWKINGS IS DAN'S MOTHER!!! Could the monk from Dez's past be her father? How awesome was the LOOK on Dez's face when he first saw her and was like OMG- the RING lady!! Ben looked surprised when Desmond asked if "they were looking for Faraday's mother too". So either Ben didn't know Eloise was Daniel's mother, or he just didn't expect Desmond to know that as well. I definitely think now, that Ellie from the island (widmore's time) is the same Eloise as we have now in the present. I think Ben was surprised by her being Faraday's mom because Faraday came to the island on Widmore's ship. This connects Ms. Hawkings and Charles Widmore. Widmore funded her son's work and she could be using that work right now to discover where the island is. I don't see Ben as being the kind of person to trust her after finding this out.

OMG.. I have to watch it again today before work...
I LOVE this show!! Next week is the life of Jeremy Benthem-- we'll see what happens to Locke OFF the island.. then the week after that is called 316.. which is the flight number of an ajara airlines flight...

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