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5x04- Little Prince

AWESOME episode last night!! Here goes..

The van that Ben was driving said Canton Rainier Carpet Cleaning.. Canton Rainier is an anagram for reincarnation

The piece of wreckage found from Rousseau's craft said "Besixdouze." Besixdouze (B612) is the name of the planet (asteroid really) that the Little Prince lived on. The Little Prince leaves his planet and after wandering the universe realizes how much he had before he left and he longs to go back... Is the Little Prince Jack? or is it Locke. In the book, the Little Prince has to die to find his way home. Perhaps the narrator in the book in the world of Lost is Jack. His life has gone without purpose until he crashes in the desert and meets the Little Prince. He learns from him the meaning of life. Jack's life was without purpose until he crashed on the island. Who then is the Little Prince? Maybe Locke. The Little Prince dies in order to free his worldly body and return to his planet, aka the island. We know that Locke leaves his own world, the island and has to die. Locke certainly has taught Jack the true meaning of life.

Ajira Airlines.. we don't really know how big of a role this will play.. could these be survivors from another crash? In the ARG that was suspossed to run last summer (which was cancelled because they ran out of money) It was suspossed to play a role. Ajira Airlines commericals ran before the Season Premier (in some areas) So how important is this? This website was launched, and it seems to resemble the old "oceanic" website.. but I haven't gotten any hidden stuff.. just very "lost" related excursions..
Make sure to click on the adventures and destiny and such..
When you look at the descriptions of the adventures.. do you notice who wrote them all? "[b]Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon[/b]" isn't MacCutcheon the name of the whiskey that Widmore doesn't think Des is good enough to drink.. and the same whiskey that Des, Charlie and Hurley found on the island?
What about the description?? "Escape your urban surroundings to discover the bleached beasts that are native to the southern hemisphere." and there's an image of a polar bear next to it. Polar bears aren't native to the Southern Hemisphere; they are native to the Arctic. These Adventures definitely seem Island related..

In the video on the homepage, this image flashes..

If you look at the date in the corner it is the air date of the Season Premier (1/21/09) it says John 316 . Part of the Ajira website has a Flight 316 to Guam, the trailer for Ajira has a split frame of a driver with 316 on his sign, John 3:16 was referenced on the website, and also is the Bible passage promising those who believe in God "everlasting" life.
I think I'm pretty certain the O6 and John Locke will be on that plane, and return to the Island on it. 316 fits with the title of S5 Ep 7 "316."
hmmm... You can send "ecards" on the site (at least you used to be able to) that looked like this..

Someone on was able to look up the source code for the site.. they found both text transcoded to hexadecimal characters and normal text. Here's what was found:

Home webpage:

For God so loved the world that he gave
his one and only Son, that whoever believes
in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen
games the like of lawn tennis and about hurley and
putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up
a nation once again and all of that.





About Ajira-page:


It was also discovered..that the text "So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen games the like of lawn tennis and about hurley and putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up a nation once again and all of that." comes directly from a book called James Joyce and the Fabrication of an Irish Identity]. This particular statement is talking about two people, one fictional, and one real in conversation. These people are Leopold Bloom and Michael Cusack. Leopold Bloom is fictional and seems to be indifferent to Irish Nationalism and gets in a fight with a real character called the citizen(Who is Michael Cusack, essentially). This is part of their argument on nationalism in Ireland (Page 34).
Maybe because Locke has to fabricate an identy? I'm not sure where this is going to come into play.. but it wasn't hidden in the sourcecode for no reason..

OK.. I found a page where you are able to print a "sample boarding pass" .. I've captured the image.. Sorry it's so big..

Do you notice in the corners of the boarding pass.. the symbols!?!?! Aren't those the symbols from the swan?
There's also instructions to DL for some origami (on the adventures page.. in the Island description) I haven't printed and folded the ticket.. but apparently you fold it up, and peek inside.. and maybe find some clue? I'm printing out the origami instructions now..

I have to admit.. trying to keep track of all the time shifts is difficult.. there's a great wiki page that has it all..

How AWESOME that Jin is ALIVE!! so he must be within the area of time shifting.. and he's just been shifting with the island? Will he be able to figure out that he's not in the "time" he remembers? Will his meeting Danielle somehow affect what has happened in the past?

Nose Bleeds... OK.. so are we to assume this starts happening according to the amount of time you've spent on the island? So we know now that Charlotte and Miles have been to the island before.. because they were born there? but how did they leave, and why do they not know? Charlotte has told daniel she still doesn't know where she was born. Now Juliette is getting them.. we know she's been on the island at least 3 years.. The enhanced version of last week(aired prior to the new episode) mentioned the temporal problem causing Charlotte's nosebleeds. They need to find their constant just like Desmond did when he got the "sickness" when the time jumped while he was on the helicopter to the freighter.
I don' think the nosebleeds/constant issue are the "sickness" that Danielle speaks of, that caused the death of her crew. The nosebleeds and such are happening to people who are experiencing the time shifts. Danielle and them shouldn't be experiencing those skips.. They exist in a period of the island's history where the inhabitants aren't skipping through time. "What happened, happened".. so they are just part of the story that the island is reliving.. So their sickness must be something else entirely

Ben's Lawyer.. hmmmmmmmmmmm..IMO -the biggest thing to take from that scene. Ben has ties to Oceanic. A few weeks ago we learned Widmore has ties to Oceanic. Can we assume that the Others, and the island in general are somehow tied together with Oceanic?.

I have to admit I was a bit irritated that we didn't have any subtitles, when we first encountered Rousseau and her team. I did hear the numbers repeating on their radio. Someone from said nothing important was said, except, "We shouldn't have followed those numbers"

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