Sunday, July 12, 2009

NEW in the shop!! Felt soap and Fiber art Necklaces!!

I'm so excited to be offering some new products in the shop!!

The first is the YUMMIEST handmade cold press soap, by local soapmaker (and fellow ACETeam member) TGurleyBathAndBody Tracey makes the most amazing vegan soaps with pure essential oils. These are big bars! Each one is approx 5oz! I take her wonderful soap and felt soft merino sweaters around the outside!!
Why use felted soap? Well the felted sweater gives you a built in washcloth!! It enhances the lather and gently exfoliates. The felt makes your soap last twice as long and you use every last bit as the felt will shrink as the soap gets smaller!! (This is very important when you are using delicious handmade soaps like these!!) Once the soap is gone use the felt as a scrubbie or put it in a drawer to give your clothes a yummy scent.

There's lots of new scents planned.. Chai spice is coming, as well as a holiday scent. There will be make your own felt kits, as well as mini felted soaps, 1/2 the size of the ones up now, so you can mix and match scents. I can make custom soaps to match any decor! These make the perfect less than $15 gift!!

I'm also super excited about the new fiber art necklaces in the shop. I still have my fun double supercoil style..

But now I'm offering a NEW style!! These new necklaces have fun vintage ribbons and felted handspun yarn and felted crochet cords (from handspun yarn) I felt the ends together, add a loop and a button, and voila! a beautiful drapy fiber art piece!!

Some styles have beehive thread plied yarn, supercoil yarn.. These necklaces have the funkiest handspun around!

Look for lots of new colors and styles coming soon!!


Valerie's Essentials said...

Wow Very cool!

Tracey Gurley said...

They look fabulous Esther!!

Laksaware said...

The felted soaps look so pretty! And I just love Tracey's soaps! She's the best!

Emily said...

So neat; great gift idea!