Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour De Fleece- Day ONE!!

AND WE BEGIN!! I'm so excited to be participating this year!! Last year I was in the midst of painting our house, and packing up the rental house and just couldn't spin as much as I wanted to.. but THIS year.. My goal is to spin at least one yarn a day.. and blog about it each day! We'll see how far I get.. but day one took me off and running!!
I had a fantastic setup.. with my wheel... the TV and my wonderful hubby brought the laptop in the living room.. so I could even play on the computer and watch the Tour thread on Ravelry

I started with some beautiful batts that are always available in my shop called "Purity" These are smoothie batts with added bits of texture. Beautiful luxury fibers include merino, bamboo, cashmere, silk, tencel, novelty yarn snippets, sparkle and banana silk. I had a custom order to spin these into some worsted singles and it was a pleasure to spin. I just LOVE cashmere!!

Next I moved onto an art yarn that has been screaming for me to make it a reality. My tribute to Michael Jackson art yarn.. King of Pop.
I corespun black and white alpaca with red white and black kid mohair locks, red and carbonized bamboo, red and black silk fabric, red sari silk, red white gold silver and black sequins and TONS of bling!

I was having a great time spinning and watching the tour! It's rare I get an entire Saturday off.. I really wanted to make the most of it!

After I finished King of Pop I had to spin up the new Ewe Give Me the Knits Bfl/Silk that came earlier this week. I went for sport weight singles, and added 2 shades of red and gold angelina for sparkle..

So here's the 3 yarns I finished today.. It's almost a lb of spinning!!
6+ oz purity, 4 oz bfl/silk and 6 or so oz King of Pop!

I've started yarn 4- I guess it's yarn 1 of day 2 since I began spinning it after midnight. It's corespun targhee/finn fleece with angelina and glitterati

I managed to card up 5 new batts for the shop update tomorrow.. hopefully I'll get another 4 carded in the morning to join them..

It was a good day!! I'm going to do a bit more spinning then hit the sack! Tomorrow more fiber fun with carding, spinning and a HUGE update in the evening!!

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