Friday, July 3, 2009

Tour De Fleece!!!

I can't wait!! Yes.. I said Tour de FLEECE.. no France!! The tour de fleece is a fun summer event that spinners participate in while the Tour de France runs! We spin everyday along with the race. There are teams and prizes. We have the same days of rest.. and when you feel victorious, wear YELLOW!! I'm so excited to start!! Last year we were painting and packing and moving during the Tour and I couldn't spin as much as I wanted to.

This year my goal is to spin everyday and take daily photos of my progress. I also hope to blog a bit daily about my work. I'm really excited for this challenge!! I want to try a few new techniques.. and even try to spin some THIN yarn!! My tour ends in Chicago, as the last weekend I'll be hosting and attending Camp PluckyFluff, one of the coolest art yarn workshops around!!

Tomorrow my spinning time will be at the same time as the race, so it'll be nice to start the tour spinning my wheel along with theirs.. I'm not sure it will always work out that way.. but I'm committed to spinning as much as possible..

I'm on a number of teams.. My main team is the Breakaway team (for art yarns) Then I'm on a number of wildcard teams- Enchanted Elves, Team Loop, Team JazzySpins, Tour de Fish, Hopelessly OverCommitted, Snobby Spinners and StashBusters

YAY!! I can't wait to start!! Off to prep more add in's for my King of Pop yarn that is going on the bobbin first thing. Then some fiery bfl/silk that I plan to spin into soft sport weight singles.. then a Loop batt I plan to corespin with some beads.. Then mayby some tailspun kid mohair locks... and then it might be 2:00.. but if I start at 9:30 I may just make it!!

LOOK for a SHOP UPDATE with new yarns and batts on SATURDAY AND SUNDAY evening!!


laila aka rawfish said...

my goodness you're on a lot of other teams! & you've been spinning like crazy! so far you've been hitting your goal of at least 1 a day, lol. :)

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