Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tour De Fleece Progress- Day 3-8

So I am still on my target goal, of completing at least one yarn a day.. though I have slipped a bit in blogging about my progress daily!
Day 3
I carded up a couple amazing batts of assorted blue fleece (targhee, cormo, corridale, merino), a touch of merino top and a TON of rainbow kid mohair locks and blue angelina..
Then I corespun it.. and the yarn is just fabu!! It has such texture! I just love it!

I also corespun some beautiful kid mohair locks "mohairy"- translucent over the novelty yarn, with spots tailspun. I love how it turned out!

All the kid mohair locks in these yarns come from GoatGoatSheep

Day 4
I spun some light worsted soft spun singles of merino/seacell from EGMTK. I added some extra purple and gold angelina..

Day 5
I spun a BUNCH of supercoils which were destined for necklaces..

I also spun some slubby wool destined for necklaces..

Day 6
I corespun a batt of assorted fibers!! Super texture and YUMMY!!

Day 7
I spun up 3 oz of "rough cut diamond" enchanted knoll batts and plied it with silver thread and 12 swvorwski crystals. (plied pics coming later)

Day 8
I started some BEAUTIFUL AllSpunUp merino/silk bamboo. Going for light sport weight soft spun singles

So today.. Day 9
I'm putting away the AllSpunUp to finish later today, and am switching to a corespun atomicblue batt, with an iridescent autowrap. Photos and progress post later tonight. I'm also carding batts today for a shop update. Lots of handspun yarn and a few new batts going up!

Here's the yarns I finished Day 1 and 2


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Gorgeous! I have so many aspirations and looking at these pics is like a feeding frenzy for my eyes!