Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour De Fleece Day 2

Today was a fiber filled day.. except I only finished one yarn from start to end! How did I have a fiber day then? BATTS!! I carded another 8 batts for the shop which totaled 12 total that went up today!! Whoo HOO!!
There are some beauties! I really went with luxury today.. adding lots of angora, cashmere and silk!!

I did finish the targhee/finn corespun fleece with angelina and glitterati. My Sunshine Day yarn!!

I also finished a beautiful corespun with a fun textured batt in earthy tones with pops of color, my Forest Floor yarn.

So for my next yarns... probably spun tomorrow (since I can't stay up until 3am again tonight!! LOL!) I'm going to play with some of the yummy kid mohair!! I carded up a version of the shop Mermaid Garden batts, with lots of blue fleeces-cormo, targhee, corridale, cotswold, alpaca.. and lots of rainbow kid mohair locks.. and TONS of blue angelina (of course)

I'm also going to do a 'mohairy' yarn over novelty yarn, with tailspun bits. I carded up some kid mohair locks into a textured cloud with angelina.. and then I have some full locks


Ginga Squid said...

Can't wait! I'm such a big fan of your work. In fact, you have inspired me to learn to spin - I'm looking locally for a class I can take......
Your yarns are just AMAZING.

april2929 said...

Oh that shade of green is to die for!! Or to dye for? Beautiful!!