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5x09 Namaste- Weekly LOST! blogtakeover

Ok.. let's take a moment to realize we've just entered the second half of the season. There are now only 23 episodes left to the series *moment of sadness* :-[ That also means we *should* start to be getting somethings coming full circle.. I think we begin to see some of that in this episode. It doesn't leave us with any answers yet..even more questions really.. but I'm SOO excited for this last bit.. I am also SOO sad that we only have 7 episodes left!!

What an episode last night.. huh? We really are getting deeper into the characters than before.. which is great.
I do think both Jack and Sawyer were being douchey.. Jack came back to the island with the same attitude as before- that he's calling the shots.. and Sawyer was really enjoying having one over Jack..

Did you hear the numbers over the plane's radio when they were calling maday? Didn't Danielle change the transmission.. then it played her sos call for 16 years.. then they turned it off right? so they could contact the freighter? Charlie turned off the blocking as well.. when he died? So does that mean that they are not in the present? It did say 30 years earlier.. which makes it 1977 in DI and 2007 for the people on the plane.. SO does that mean that the losties being back in DI in the 70's CHANGES THE FUTURE? so that danielle's message somehow never gets recorded?

They landed on the runway that Sawyer and Kate were helping build back in season 3. So that could be a nod that it's the future (or present.. but could it have been finished already?) When the island flashed and the losties were on the beach and saw the ajiara water bottles and were shot at on the boats.. so they flashed to the "changed" present.. or the future present..

WHERE IS DANIEL FARADAY? Is he dead from being unstuck? Did he tell young charlotte never to come back and is in a cell somewhere? Did he run off to join the others? Is he just off working in the orchid? Has he sent himself thru time? We know that his journals have been seen throughout the places and times.. the page about real time and imaginary time Ceaser found in the office.. Daniel seems surprised when he consults his journals.. could it be that he wrote those entries when he was in different times.. and it is confusing to him what the entries say..

How cool that we now know Radizenski was building the swan model.. and that it wasn't built in 1977.. but Chang/Wickman/Candle was wearing a swan coat in the orientation video's..

So the woman standing behind Sun in the new arrivals cabin.. are we suspossed to think it's claire, or is it a HUGE production error?
Here's the screenshot lightened and sharpend a bit.. *thanks to vulomedia*

I did see Smokey the Monster in the cabin.. was he entering or leaving? Also, was it Smokey the Monster that Sun sees rustling the trees?

Back to the egyptian mythology from LaFleur.. Did anyone notice the porcelain cat in Sawyers house?

Cats were worshipped in ancient egypt and even mummified.

BEN as a KID!! This is the age that he saw his mother in the forest right? He asks sayid if he's a hostlie? Because he's already had an encounter with Alpert? If the losties being back in the 70's changes the present.. does Ben remember Sayid from when he was a child? Will he have "new" childhood memories of meeting sayid? Did anyone realize that in season 2, Ben and Sayid were in the exact opposite places but in the hatch? Ben locked up and Sayid visiting him..
Does Sawyer and crew know about young ben? Has something Faraday said convinced them not to kill him, and thus preventing the all of this from ever happening?
Also Back at the end of season 2, who was on "Jacob's List"??? Jack, Sayid, Kate, and Hurley. And who tried to rescue them on the boat? Sayid, Sun, and Jin. With the exception of Sun (at the moment...mayhaps Christian will get her back), all people who are in 1977 at the moment. What if it wasn't "Jacob's List" at all, but Ben's list because he remembered them thirty years later?

OMG.. Amy and Horus' son is ETHAN!! So we know Ethan is an "other" in the future.. so somehow he also jumps from DI to the others with Ben? We saw Tom working in the DI a couple of weeks go.. (could be a *different* tom.. but ) so did some of the DI go with Ben to the "others" and not everyone was killed in the purge?

I thought it was funny that Kermit the Frog on the Muppet Show is on the Darhma monitor when Jin is looking for the Radar in the flame station

and the last ?? i have.. WHERE ARE ROSE AND BERNARD?? Did they get killed? what happend to them? I miss them!!

Ok.. I'm off to breakfast with the hubby.. I'll write more later :)

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