Monday, March 2, 2009

SNOW DAY!! It's fiber fiber fiber all day

Oh how exciting to wake up with 4 inches of snow on the ground!! Yesterday it just rained ALL DAY.. and not a light rain either.. Heavy constant rain. There was at least 2 plus inches of rain on the ground.. and then it started to sleet and freezing rain about 6pm. Oh man.. at least an inch of ice..

THEN the snow came.. Hard and fast .. HUGE Chicago style flakes..

I wanted to stay up as long as I could to watch it fall. It was so beautiful.. fluffy and sparkly.. by 3am there was a thick blanket..

When I woke up.. we had a bright white day.. full of ice and snow. Kids are outside playing.. and I think I'm going to make a snowman!!

I hope my daffodils survive!

So now I"m going to spend the day playing with fiber. I put the fixin's for chili into the crockpot before I went to bed, so it'll be ready by lunch. We have steaks to broil for dinner.. we don't have to leave the house ALL DAY!!

That's what I love about North Carolina.. we get a snow day from 5 inches.. If I were still in Chicago.. I'd be at work already!!

I'm off to play in fiber..


Ripper Arts said...

I am so jealous! We barely had a dusting. I posted this comment on my blog in reply to your comment:

Esther! I could just KICK myself! I bought from hobbledehoy this weekend! I guess because I bought immediately, I didn't mark a fave... I totally forgot!!! I just visited your shop... Wow! Marking to return. :)

Thanks! Great to meet you.

Esther said...

LOL.. I bought from hobbledehoy this weekend too.. her batts are SOOOOO yumtastic!! I can't wait to have you visit. There's LOTS of fun new stuff going up in the next few days!!