Thursday, March 26, 2009

5x10- He's Our You - Weekly LOST blogtakevoer!

Quite an episode last night!! It's really starting to come on hard.. with only 6 episodes left to the season.. they are really going to start smacking us in the face!!!

The book young ben brings Sayid

From Amazon review:
This book is the sequel to the first book "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge" and is just as meaningful and profound. The idea of spirituality under the Yaqui Indian paradigm, like other esoteric perceptions, conveys a non-ordinary reality where rationalizations and human explanations act as superficiality.

"Once a man learns how to "see" he finds himself alone in the world with nothing but folly.

Sayid was drinking MacCutcheon's whiskey

Same whiskey Widmore doesn't share with Desmond, the same whiskey desmond finds on the beach and shares with hurley and charlie.. Has Sayid had this whiskey before in the series?

The house in Moscow where Sayid kills that man has "Oldchem Pharmaceuticals" (in Russian letters) written on it.

*the address is also the same as one of the "numbers"
Later on in the episode Oldham is using pharmaceuticals on sayid..
Oh the drugging!! Does it make me a TOTAL hippie that the hubby and I looked at the dropper and sugar cube and just BURST into laughter!! Are we on the lot or something? Also..I mean.. if they gave ANYONE that much LSD they would be talking about being from the future.. even if they WEREN"T!! I mean.. that was an entire DROPPERFULL!! LOL!! so yeah.. a good hefty trip into strawberry fields for our sayid. I thought that scene was quite funny!! You gave me just the right amount! LOL!!
It was interesting, though, that Sawyer didn't hightail it out of there.. Luckily the DI folk don't know him as Sawyer.. but he sure looked nervous when Sayid started talking about the planes.. and crashing on the island AGAIN.. and then called out sawyer. I just wish he would have pointed when they said "who's sawyer"

SAYID SHOOTING BEN!! wow.. what a great ending!! So this brings up a few ??'s! We can't say sayid KILLED ben.. since we only saw ben get shot.. we didn't see him die...
1. most importantly.. how does this change the future? Daniel says what happened happened.. but maybe that's not true- or we know that the outcome will always be the same.. but how we get there can change? Is adult ben going to do a back to the future style fade out now that his past has been change (though it's really his past.. and present?.. since it's all happening again..) so how is that going to affect the ben we know as an adult, who's unconscious with the rest of the injured aljera passengers.
Perhaps this is why the Barracks looked so different in 2007 when Sun and Lapidus went if not inhabitated by the Others at any "inside" man (Ben) to conduct and orchestrate the Purge... We do notice that the offices Ceaser is rifiling thru looks much different than the "present" 2007 we saw earlier.. and we know the barracks look different.. there is a "new" present that the ajiera and Locke (and sun and lapidus) are in.. a changed present.. because when when the plane calls for a maday.. we hear the Numbers transmission.. and danielle turned that off 16 years before.. and then it was turned off fully to contact the freighter...
2. could this be the [b]WAY[/b] that ben becomes the leader of the others? If we go by daniel's what happened happens theory... then young ben died the first time around.. Alpert did say he had to be patient. Maybe ben has to die to first become the others leader.. maybe the person whom jacob/the island brings back to life becomes the leader. (so maybe that's why ben is even MORE threatened by Locke.. since he keeps trying to kill him, and the island keeps bringing him back) If we go with the egyptian mythology they've shown us the last few episodes.. then we are on a path that this island could be where the dead are reborn.. or where the dead come to rest.. or the "good" come.. as ben always says he's a "good" person.. and Jacob's list was of "good" people..
3. Sayid thinks that now that the losties are with DI that his way to "save them" like ben said that returning to the island would do, would be to stop the incident.. or the purge... we know something with the incident happens.. since the season finale is titled "the incident"..
4. if we are going with the idea that the island has brought everyone back to DI in the 70's to course correct (as Ms. Hawkings said it always does.. it takes time, but things always correct course) maybe ben wasn't suspossed to become the leader of the others at all. Maybe the island is making happen what's SUSPOSSED to happen.. not what DID happen? Perhaps John was suspossed to take over from Widmore as a leader.. since we are assuming that Widmore was ousted when Ben took over..
5. Could this be why Adult ben calls sayid a killer.. because he's remembered all along that ben kills him as a child (i don't actually think this is the case.. because I really don't think that adult ben remembers sayid from his childhood.. since on a linear timeline.. that hadn't happened.. but if sayid can change the future.. maybe ben has known the losties all along!)
6 there's now a spinal surgon on the island.. Sawyer brought Juliette out of retirement to save ethan.. I'm not sure how he explained off a mechanic being able to deliver a baby.. but I'm for sure not thinking that he'll be able to explain a workman (since that was jack's aptitude test results) being able to operate on anyone!! Will they go to jack to have him try to save young ben? Will he want to? This is the SECOND time Jack could be called on to save ben..

"Or we can call Ann Arbor".. This is not the first time we have heard Ann Arbor referenced as the "head" of Dharma.. During ComicCon, there was a "video" released.. Dr. Chang/ LOST! video from the "future"
Here is the transcript as well...
DR. CHANG: Hello. My name is Dr. Marvin Candle, and know what? Forget it. No point in games anymore, right? (infant begins to cry off-screen) If you're watching this now, you already know that my name – my real name is Pierre Chang and I... (Baby's cries off-screen grow louder and Chang looks over. He gets up from the couch.)

DR. CHANG: Dammit Lara, just take him outside, please! I have one chance at this. (Chang sits back down.) [static]

DR. CHANG: [static] I am [color=red]the professor of theoretical astrophysics from Ann Arbor, Michigan[/color]. I was brought to this... [static] godforsaken island years ago, to conduct experiments to study the Kerr metric solution of the Einstein field equations, and to... [static] If I can keep this pinhole open long enough, you should be receiving my message roughly thirty years... [static] If you're listening now... [static] The American president is a man named George W. Bush, you share digital information instantaneously on something called "Internet" and, unfortunately, my colleagues and I are all dead [static] a kind of... [static], of violent purge. One that we are, apparently, powerless to escape. (Chang looks down sadly at his left arm, and grasps it with his right hand.)

DR. CHANG:: [static] This information comes to me from a source that has proven himself to be credible.

DANIEL FARADAY'S VOICE: None of that matters. It doesn't matter. Just get to it. Please! [static]

DR. CHANG:: Regardless, (another male voice in static) if this transmission is successful, it's proof the work I've been doing here is valid. This place, it has extraordinary properties. I'm begging you, no matter what's happened, it's imperative that the DHARMA Initiative be reconstituted. You have to continue the research [static] and you have to do it now. Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence. [static] Perhaps you'll be able to find a way to save us, to change the past and to... [static] Please, please! You have to stop what's about to happen, you can't let us...[static]

DANIEL FARADAY'S VOICE: Pierre! This is useless! Alright? It's just use--they're never gonna see this, Pierre. How do I turn this off? Where's the...

DR. CHANG: No, no! W-w-what are you doing [unintelligible]

DANIEL FARADAY'S VOICE: How do you turn it off? Where's the swi--

OK.. so.. we know that Dr Chang is from Ann Arbor.. so maybe that's who they were going to call.. or maybe that's where the DeGroots are.. and they met Chang there, and brought him into DI.. The orientation video of the swan said the DeGroots were Doctoral candidates at the University of Michigan

I wonder who Laura is.. chang's wife (or nanny?) we haven't seen a laura yet.. We also know from that video that it must be filmed ON the island- since chang references LaFleur.. unless sawyer somehow time travels with Daniel...
it seems as this image was also embedded within that video.. not sure what it means..

I'm glad that kate finally talked to sawyer.. I really hope that julette and sawyer stay together.. I think they are cute!!

Still not sure what the deal is with Baby Ethan.. and how he joins the others..

OK.. what do YOU guys think?


Kindmtnmama said...

My 1st thought when Sayid shot Young Ben was "Ok, now adult Ben can BE on the island since his younger self is dead"...bu maybe he is not dead....hmmm...maybe the shooting is what gives him the spinal tumor years alter and how he knows Jack needs to fix him...AND if he paddles over there wont he find the same empty barracks that Sun did?

Lely said...

You know how when Daniel talks to Des in the past, he suddenly has a memory popping up in his head in the present time (with Penny, already out of the Island)?
I think it's the same. Whatever happened, did happen.
I think sudenly a memory of getting shot by Sayid will pop up in Ben's head in the present, like right after being hit in the head by Sun or something like that!
It's like the time travel theories in Donnie Darko...