Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Carding FRENZY & an answer to the question, How do I size batt sets?

Whew! What a weekend! I've been at one with the carder since I left the spa on Sat afternoon. The shop got updated with 8 new batt sets today!! YAY!! My favorite is an alpaca/bamboo/merino/silk and sparkle set that includes some sari silk ribbon called BollyWood.

There's the return of "Sandy Beaches" set- this is the only one of those for awhile.

There's also going to be a few sets going up tomorrow that I didn't get to photograph today before the sun set. A Koi Pond set will go up, again the only one of those that will go into the shop for a few weeks. I also will have another art yarn set similar to BollyWood.

I carded this set *for* the shop.. but it was snagged before it got there LOL!! I have to share it with you though, 'cuz I really think it's fun!! It's merino, bamboo and silk with snippets of cassette tape and 3 colors florescent angelina. The add in's are extra cassette tape snippets, novelty yarn and sparkly pom poms
Mixx Tape (going off to the lovely Lindsay!!)

I've had some questions as to how I decide how much each set is going to weigh. As a art yarn spinner, my fiber doesn't tend to go as far as those who spin lace weight. When I spin superbulky, I may only get 60 yards or so out of 4 oz. I like to be able to get fiber in a bit larger amounts so I can spin an art yarn, and get enough yardage for a substantial project. This is why I have been carding some sets to be above 4oz.. to give art yarn spinners the ability to get decent yardage with the same fiber (especially of the batt sets that are one of a kind). I keep my treasure chest batt sets to 3-4 oz because those can be combined for larger yardage.

If you would only like one of the batts, please let me know and I can usually split the set for you :)

Now to spin some yarn and watch bad TV!! LOL!!

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