Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's 14 LB of random fiber look like?

Thanks to Lindsay of the fabu WhimzyPinzy Creations I now KNOW!! She was destashing her random fiber bits that she just wasn't going to use.. and I got a boatload!! I got this HUGE box in the mail the other day.. and the fiber just GREW out of it!! It was packed to the VERY top!!

When I pulled the bags out it just got bigger and bigger and bigger..

I pulled stuff out of bags and started sorting.. it filled my studio!!

There's SW Merino/Nylon/Cashmere for sock batts

LOTS of bits of bamboo and some silk.. in roving and uncarded..

Wool roving (dyed and undyed) and some locks and fleece- alpaca and targee

There were TONS of batts.. all textures, fibers and colors..

and finally.. there was an unbelievable amount of random fiber bits.. my FAVORITE kind!! Duke definitely approved right away! He dove right in!! I had to chase him away or he would have felted it all!! LOL!!

I'm in for a FANTABULOUS carding time tonight! Look for a big batt update tomorrow evening!!



L said...

I cant believe how many pounds were in MY fiber room. hahahahahahahaha
I ended up finding 6 more after that big box, then I sent 7.5 more out for processing, then dyed 3.5 more of it. lmao well you get the point hahahahaha

Ginga Squid said...