Thursday, March 5, 2009

LOST! 5x08 LaFleur

My mind is still reeling from last night!!
5x08- LaFleur

There are a lot of egyptian references in this episode..

I really hope we get more on this.. and the brief sighting isn't all we get!!
I definitely think that the statue could be the god Anibus WikiGodAnibus
He his the god that is associated with the afterlife!! The hieroglyphs for his name are similar to those seen in the hatch countdown, and on the temple where the smoke monster comes from.
Paul was wearing the ankh, which is the symbol of everlasting life..
Horus is an egyptian god WikiGodHours He is the sky, sun and war god. His hieroglyphs also are similar to those seen in the hatch, and on the smokey temple and doors.
RA is the ancient egyptian sun god (Richard Alpert's initals are RA)- WikiGodRa In later egyptian times, Ra and Horus merge and then become the god of the sun, sky and underworld. he sure seems to love his eyeliner!!
Horace = Sky/Dharma
Anubis = Underworld/Others
then they merge?

John locke also mentioned that backgammon was created by the egyptians when he was teaching it to walt.. which is true- the egyptians did play a game that resembled backgammon.. WikiBackgammon

Hurley was also painting the sphinx in egypt last week..

So we are giving a number of references to everlasting life.. and the underworld.. could the island be the place where the dead come? We know that miles speaks to them.. and that some who are dead have become "undead".. but not everyone..

Again with the black and white--
A black and white chessboard can briefly be seen when Sawyer storms out to get Juliet.

Is our old friend Tom from Dharma AND the others? The man Sawyer asked, where's juliet, had TOM on his uniform

This timeline thing is what's really driving me crazy..
So... the oceanic 6 experiened 3 years in what was a few days to our losties on the island.. this is what Widmore tells Locke.. And THEN when locke leaves the island.. 3 years pass for our island losties.. while only a month passes for the oceanic 6 and locke off the island

Also.. our ajiera friends... and locke.. are they also in the DI time or are they in the present 2005? They landed on a runway on the Hydra island.. if the runway was built in the DI time, why would they be traveling on the sub? So when kate, sawyer and hurly flashed off the plane, did they flash into DI time? Where's sayid and sun?

So Daniel says that everything happened, happened.. so Juliet and Sawyer and crew were always a part of Dharma? So the reason that Sawyer and Juliet don't know eachother when they first meet.. is that their hooking up in the 70's hasn't happened yet.. they are still living their "normal" lives.. now.. will they meet young ben and know everything about him? Will they try to change history and prevent him from taking over? Did ben know who they were when he first met them-- that they had been in dharma back in the 70's.. This is what makes my brain hurt!!

Where is daniel by the way? We haven't seen him since he saw Charlotte.. we didn't see him in the "three years later" flashes.. which i guess is now the present..

It's interesting how our island losties and the oceanic 6 each experienced 3 years.. but not at the same time or pace..

OK.. I have to think about more stuff..
what do y'all think?


tara said...

I disagree (just a little bit). I think that the SAME 3 years pass for everyone (except Locke). In other words, Oceanic 6 leave the island and three years pass. In those three years, the islanders flash around time for a bit, Locke goes down the well, than the islanders end up back in the 70s. Three years pass for them there (so I think they arrived in the 70s just a few days after the oceanic 6 arrive back in the real world).
Locke skips those three years when he gets thrown into the desert.

Also, I think the Oceanic 6 land back in the 70s.

What do you think?

Esther said...

But doesn't widmore tell locke that for him it's been 4 days, but for his friends it's been 3 years? They've moved on..etc.. Locke comes to see the oceanic 6 3 years after they've been back.. When locke comes to see jack, and tells him his father says hello- it's been 3 years for jack and it's at that point that Jack starts flying back and forth hoping he'll crash.. and he falls apart.. a month later he meets up with ben and crew and gets back to the island..

So maybe it's just locke that doesn't experience time.. is that what you are saying.. so in the moment that he is transported to tunsia.. 3 years passes for the island losties....

but what about the memory that desmond has.. daniel talks to island desmond while they are flashing.. tells him he's special and has to find his mother.. and then des wakes up with the new memory.. 3 years later..

The timeline piece is what keeps screwing with me..

tara said...

That's what I'm saying: Locke is the only one that misses out on the three years.
But now that I consider the Daniel/Desond interaction...your original theory makes more sense!

Now I'm really unsure :)

Esther said...

me TOO!! LOL!! :)