Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spinning BIG yarns and spinning outside the box

I am having SOO much fun with my new spinning wheel, Desmond. I have very little limitations with the size of my yarns now.. and I have HUGE bobbins.. so now these yarns can be more than 20 yards a skein!! YAY!! I have been working on yarns that are 4 wraps per inch!! HUGE!! They would NEVER have fit thru my previous wheel!

I have also been working on spinning "outside the box" Rather than keeping to one fiber artist.. I've been taking handfuls of lots of fiber.. mixing and matching colors and textures..

My most recent yarn, I'm calling "Diva's Easter Basket" I took handfuls of Alpaca clouds from the HomesteadWoolandGiftFarm, some merino x locks, bamboo and banana silk (named after me because it's purple LOL!!) from HollyEQQ, 4 babycakes from LOOP, some pink banana silk from blondchickenboutique and a couple mini batts from TerraBellaSpun I added in some sequins, novelty yarn snippets and sari silk ribbon.. along with lots of angelina and lurex turbo bling from hollyeqq(she calls it GLAM-- and it totally is!!)

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how the yarn turned out!! Super fun and sparkly.. full of texture and color.. It's just fantastic!

This and a few more big yarns will go up in the the Shop this week.. Here's a preview of the others.. for more pics check my flickr..

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Natalie said...

Your yarns are beautiful. I forget if I've ever commented here before or just lurked.
Also, did it say on your etsy shop that your name is Esther? Because that is such a beautiful name. I've never known anyone named it.
Okay, that is all!